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Curvy and Fit! Plus-size model Tabria Majors, shows off her 230lb body in a NUDE shoot – Shoots down perception she doesn’t work out or maintain a healthy lifestyle ‘because she is bigger’

Fighting persistent negative perception of fitness for  full bodied women
Plus-size model shows off her 230lb body in a NUDE shoot as she slams the perception that she’s not fit,  doesn’t work out or maintain a healthy lifestyle ‘because she is bigger’
Tabria Majors, 29, bared all for a spread featured in Women’s Health to debunk negative stereotypes of plus size women
Majors describes the experience of people on set often assuming she doesn’t work out or eats unhealthy foods because of her size 
Though she does high-intensity interval training and lifts weights, she said she is usually told to walk at activewear shoots instead of working up a sweat
Tabria is advocating that plus-size models to get the same opportunities as straight-size models

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French fitness guru, Rebecca Burger killed in freak accident with whipped cream dispenser

French fitness blogger and Instagram star killed by exploding whipped cream dispenser
Well known fashion and fitness blogger, Rebecca Burger,  died the June 18th, 2017 in an accident at her home in Mulhouse, Eastern France
Burger died after a pressurized whipped cream dispenser exploded, hitting her in the chest e
Burger allegedly was hit violently in the chest by the exploding canister, leading to a heart attack
Rebecca Burger was a well known fashion and fitness blogger and Instagram star

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Health Dept warns of the dangers of Going overseas for cut rate cosmetic surgery – Flesh eating bacterial infection hits victims

NY woman ailing from infection contracted during overseas cosmetic surgery offers warning to women
Linda McFaline went to the Dominican Republic for cosmetic surgery and came back with an infection that almost cost her life 
McFaline, 40, says she has a hole in her breast caused by an infection she contracted after getting implants and liposuction in the Dominican Republic
NY Health Dept has identified a cluster of skin and tissue infections associated with plastic surgery done in that country 
The infections, called Mycobacterium abscessus/chelonae, attack the skin or soft tissue 
It’s been found in 10 women, eight in New York City, including McFaline, and two in Connecticut
DOH warns it has isolated a rash of similar infection contracted by patients of named cosmetic surgery clinics
Advises  infected persons to seek medical attention 

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Divorcing the muffin top Day 2: Help!!!! …need some support

Hi dear beauties (that includes the men)

It is always better  to ask for help and support than pretend everything is fine while you are wilting inside. Once upon a time I was quite fit and could be considered physically fit and ‘healthy’. At least I was in a happy space, mentally and physically, then came a boot camp I took part in, a knee injury that opened up the door to other injuries …… I’ll rant about that on a different day.


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Chick Peas et al: The roll up moi moi

20170326_172702Chick Peas: I have just discovered and fallen in-love with this bean. it is very creamy and can be added to smoothies, salads and even use to cook moi moi (bean cake).

Today, I decided to try out cooking a moi mo roll-up (still working on my roll-up skill). Remember, legumes are one of the slow digesting food. It makes for a good food substitute in a reduced calorie meal.

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Battle of the Muffin top – Setting Goals, Eviction Notice is Served “you gotta go!!!”. The Confrontation


It has bee a while we did a series on addressing this nagging problem.

-addressing the muffing top

-reducing the waistline

muffin tummy

-striving to look good naked

-plain lose enough weight to fit your clothes, save some money and get healthy

The Admission

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Boost Your Metabolism through Metabolic Cooking – Know What To Eat And What Time To Eat. #Foodie


1. Food combinations are crucial to optimize fat loss. Some food such as lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains take more work to eat, so you burn more calories during digestion. Adding garlic, spices, peppers and vinegar will keep your fat fat burning furnace running, after your done eating.  Try some of these calorie-burning recipes to blast off belly fat, curb your appetite and drop weight, fast.
#Foodie you are welcome

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On a mission to reverse diabetes – We ‘fixed’ our dad who was driving close to a ditch– and saved his life ” …do whatever we ask” good works, well done guys

Geoff Whitington and his sons, Ian, left, and Anthony

When their father’s diabetes threatened his life, Ian and Anthony Whitington stepped in with a radical diet and fitness plan. It was a hard slog, but it worked #fixingdad

When their father, Geoff, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 50, brothers Ian and Anthony Whitington were not hugely surprised, and for 10 years, they drifted along and watched from the sidelines. Continue reading On a mission to reverse diabetes – We ‘fixed’ our dad who was driving close to a ditch– and saved his life ” …do whatever we ask” good works, well done guys

Barbell Barbie, Julia Vins, 20, stunning Russian weightlifter, can bench-press 265lbs doesn’t believe success at powerlifting has harmed her femininity


Russian Barbell Barbie responds to critics …’I don’t see how fitness is incompatible with femininity and good manners’

Julia Vins, 20,  ripped Russian weightlifter who looks like a doll left college to focus on her body building career

Now the champion powerlifter, model and fitness star can bench-press 265lbs, while still looking ‘cool’

julia-vins14 ‘I didn’t set out to build muscles,’
‘I didn’t know anything about weights so I just found the biggest guy in the gym and repeated exercises after him’

Russian fitness star Julia Vins has 325,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her cute, doll-like face and extraordinary, muscle-popping body. She is also quite self assured.
At the age of 20, Vins has already broken world records, acquired fame and is making a good living, in spite of criticism from detractors, that she’s not feminine enough. The beautiful self-confessed Muscle Barbie would leave most male body-builders red-faced at the squat rack.

Julia Vins15.png

The 20-year-old is already a multiple world record holder in powerlifting

The stunning 20-year-old already broken records at the World Powerlifting Congress – squatting 474lbs, bench pressing 265lbs, and dead-lifting 419lbs– all with her trademark pink bow in her hair.
Reflecting on her introduction to bodybuilding, Julia from Engels in the Saratov region of Russia, said:  “I was going to the gym just to get fit for a year when I turned 15, but I didn’t know anything about weights so I just found the biggest guy in the gym and repeated exercises after him.
“For me it’s very cool to be a role model. Many young girls in Russia make a big mistake and use steroids, which changes their voice and face.

Julia Vins1.jpg
Hot muscles: Her stunning looks and impressive physique have landed Julia modelling contracts 

“I’m proof to everyone that you can be cute and lift big weights at the same time without using steroids.”
She says her boyfriend of four years, who coaches Julia, is very supportive – but not all blokes have been as encouraging about her profession.
She added: “My boyfriend is my coach and it is because of him that I have achieved significant success in powerlifting already.
“We met when I was 16 and I was at the initial stage of my career, and together we have come to what I have now.
“Some men can be intimidated by me and there are many people who wonder around me at the gym when I lift such heavy weights.

Julia Vins13.jpg

While some criticise her for not being feminine enough, her response – “I know a lot of women with a feminine body, but they behave disgustingly and it doesn’t attract men at all.”

Russian Muscle Barbie Julia Vins has wowed Instagram with sexy doll lo
“I don’t show my strength on the street though. Many men say to me, ‘With your face you could be a model, why have you disfigured your body?’
“But often these comments are made by men who are not happy with their lives and own achievements so I don’t care about their opinion.
“I guess that society’s view of women will not change in Russia anytime soon. There are a lot of people who still think that the only function of the woman is cooking and cleaning the house.
“When I have travelled in Europe and Asia, I have noticed that people are more respectful to me and even if they don’t like what I do, they still respect my choice.
“I know a lot of women with a feminine body, but they behave disgustingly and it doesn’t attract men at all.”

Julia Vins shows off her chiseled guns while walking her dog. She has 325,000 followers thanks to her girly doll-like facial features and an extraordinary, muscle-popping body.
Julia Vins9.png
It’s all down to hard work as Julia strongly denies claims she uses steroids

Thanks to Julia’s Barbie doll image, complete with pigtails and buns, she has also landed modelling jobs in the video gaming industry.
The pro-powerlifter said it has been far from easy to reject society’s expectations of her and become fully independent as an athlete so young.
While many Russians live with their parents until they are 30, Julia moved out ‘a long time’ ago.
She said: “In Russia there are a lot of stereotypes, such as everyone should have a degree, but I left my university for the sake of my career and I’m very happy that I did.
“My parents did not support my idea but sometimes, in order to build a happy life, you need to sacrifice all that you have.
“Besides, I need to keep my daily regimen and diet, it’s much easier to do it while living apart from my parents.”
It is hardly surprising Julia boasts the muscular frame she does given her commitment to the weights room and diet.
She added: “I have training seven times per week and I never take a break. Even when I travel I continue to go to the gym because I feel bad when I’m not being active, this is my way of life.
“I live in a small town in Russia, so I don’t have a vast choice of food, my diet just consists of buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, eggs, chicken, beef and vegetables.
“In the summer we have a lot of vegetables, but in winter it is often frozen broccoli and green beans, I also take a lot of sport nutrition supplements.”

Julia Vins6.png
Setting records on her way to victory in world competitions

Julia Vins4.jpg

Hard working Julia has wowed the internet with her Barbie looks. She is also fiercely independent, unlike many of her peers in Russia, Julia moved out of the family home and lives on her own.

She may love protein shakes but Julia blasts claims that she owes her hulking muscles to steroid abuse and is happy for doubters to challenge her claim.
Julia said: “I know many do not believe it, but I’m always open to talk about it, and anyone can come to me for training.
“Also, I always suggest to people who do not believe that they pay me for doping control but for some reason they always refus
“My family are proud of me for what I’ve achieved in powerlifting and my mum has helped me throughout my life which I’m really grateful to her for.
“I don’t really talk to many of my old friends because I don’t like their attitude to life and I do not think that communication with them is meaningful.
“Now my entourage consists of intelligent and successful people who I’ve learned a lot from.
“Building muscle wasn’t my main goal at all – I even thought that it would be impossible, I just liked to lift heavy weights, which is why I still do it.
“I get thousands of interesting comments from people from around the world.”

 98 lbs down: Josie Gibson, of Former Big Brother fame, shows off her ‘new figure’: Shares her journey after losing 98 pounds

Former Big Brother winner Josie Gibson, 31, was lovable  and curvaceous

She has since transformed not only her physical appearance but her whole life, re-training as a personal fitness trainer and nutrition expert

Gibson shows off her ‘new figure’ after losing  98 pounds, add a couple of nips and tucks, dishes on the secrets of her new looks

Josie gibson before after surgery reveal3.jpgJodie Gibson, from THIS to THIS. Before and after weight loss and makeover

TV personality Josie Gibson showcases the benefits of ‘down sizing’ in revealing photos after shedding an impressive 98 lbs. In the new snaps she can be seen posing in an array of revealing swimwear and underwear.

FAMEFLYNET - EXCLUSIVE: Josie Gibson Sizzles In A Sexy Lingerie Phootshoot

Former Big Brother star Josie Gibson shows off her amazing new ‘self’


FAMEFLYNET - Celebrities Attend The Boohoo Christmas In July Event In London
 Josie Gibson befors she took off the excess belly skin July 2016
Josie gibson after surgery reveal9.jpg
Amazing weight loss. It’s not how much you lose, but how well the journey ends
Jodie Gibson before weight loss 4.png
Gibson turned her whole outlook to life , losing an impressive 98 pounds since a series of photos emerged in 2012 showing her with a fuller figure
Josie gibon weight los24.jpg
Early days of the journey for Jodie Gibson: A ‘walk’ in progress

Josie gibson after surgery swimsuit1.jpgFormer Big Brother winner Josie Gibson looking incredible hot

Laying on the floor in one, she seems relaxed and confident as she gazes directly at the camera while wearing a black netted bodysuit with a cut-out front panel.
Another sees her look straight down the lens and showing off an ample dose of cleavage under a black leather motorcycle jacket and sporting a pair of tiny black knickers.
Josie gibson after surgery reveal2.jpg

A surgeon used Botox to  fix what Josie refers to as her ‘turkey neck’


Josie in the Big Brother house. She emerged winner, but felt she had things to fix with her image

Josie gibon before weight loss4.jpg
Josie on vacation after the journey to downsize began
FAMEFLYNET - EXCLUSIVE: Josie Gibson Sizzles In A Sexy Lingerie Phootshoot
What a difference when you shed unwanted pounds – TV personality Josie Gibson shows off her amazing new body
EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother winner Josie Gibson bares her midriff outside a London clinic.
Josie Gibson has since transformed not only her physical appearance but her whole life retraining as a personal fitness trainer and nutrition expert. Seen here after having a consultation how to be rid of the excess skin after her weight loss

The 31-year-old originally captured the hearts of the nation after winning the 2010 series of Big Brother.
She then went on a mission to get fit after unflattering pics of her running down the beach were revealed in 2012.
Fast forward to now and not only has she transformed her own appearance, she is a qualified personal trainer and nutritional advisor with two fitness DVDs and a book.
Josie Gibson reveals she’s had shock secret surgical procedure to get rid of her ‘turkey neck’
It hasn’t all been plain sailing however as she opened up earlier this year about one remaining body hang up – excess skin around her stomach.
Speaking during an appearance on ITV’s Loose Women, she said: “I have been left with all this skin.
“The only thing I can do with it is cut it away.

Josie gibon before surgery2.jpg

Josie admits on air that she still had one body hang up – loose skin around her stomach

She said: “I have been left with all this skin.
“The only thing I can do with it is cut it away.|“You only live once you might as well have the body you want to have.”
She also confessed to the panel that she had a “nipple lift”.

“You only live once you might as well have the body you want to have.”


Jodie Gibson after surgery6Josie gibson after surgery reveal7.jpg


More of the ‘reveal’ – a svelte figure

FAMEFLYNET - EXCLUSIVE: Josie Gibson Sizzles In A Sexy Lingerie Phootshoot

The ‘reveal’.  Josie Gibson shows off the reults of the hard work


Instagram photo of Josie Gibson showed off her bare chest with her glitter bra on the “straight and pointy” nipples

She also confessed to the panel that she had a “nipple lift”.
The blonde explained how she been told that her nipples were “everywhere”.
“They were a bit hairy in the middle. They were like that,” she said pointing in opposite directions with her fingers.
And whilst she didn’t show off the surgeon’s handiwork, she assured the panel that they were now
“straight and pointy

The incredible Allison Toepperwein, From Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease diagnoses to American Ninja Warrior contestant

From Lit Within

Disclaimer: This is my routine and is not and endorsement for what you should do, or that these meds, food, supplements or exercise routine will work the same for you. 

I am just me. That is all I know to be. Now, I am overwhelmed with cries, pleas of bottling me. “What meds are you on?” “What do you eat?” “What is your exercise routine?” And “how do you find the energy to do all you do?”

I wish more than you could ever imagine, I could bottle up whatever is working for me. I wish I had a cure-all or at the very least, an answer to all of those people who watched me on TV, were at the edge of their seat, reached for a Kleenex and supported me from their couch. Unfortunately, for me, an empath, I have none of those. No magic bullet, or limitless pill. All I can tell you, is what is working for me, right now. 

 When I was originally diagnosed, then treated by my Movement Disorder Specialist, Dr. Joseph Jankovic, I was prescribed one 100/25mg. Sinemet (Carbadopa/Levodopa) three times a day, one .25mg. Mirapex (Pramipexole) three times a day, and one 1mg. Azilect once a day. 


For me, the drugs gave these effects. Sinemet was my game changer! My first tremor was noticed six years ago as I held a coffee pot. Because of stress, I couldn’t type, or frankly move my left arm without the assistance of my right arm. I drug my left foot. I had extreme pain and muscle tension in my neck and traps. I got dizzy anytime I stood up. I tremored as if my left arm were a fish out of water. My face was almost paralyzed of non-emotion, because of “the mask.” I began slurring and started to choke. All of that is until Sinemet. Within 48 hours of taking my first dose, I was typing again for the first time in three years! My tremor stopped! The muscles relaxed and I began to get my life back! When I began, I was put on a half dose to start off with. This fall, I remembered how initially only a half dose did miracles. Why was I taking a full pill per dose if I didn’t need to? So, I began splitting pills. Instead of taking 3 whole Sinemet a day, I take 1 1/2. I felt no negative side effects, and discovered this was a more proper dose for me.

Pramipexole is a dopamine antagonist. In the simplest description, it’s a synthetic drug to emulate dopamine, but unlike Sinemet, isn’t dopamine. Pramipexole has tons of nasty side effects, like aiding in addictions, narcolepsy, and swelling. When I went off it, to test what it did, within 48 hours my muscle tightness and pain returned in my neck and traps. This is why I continue to use it. According to my doctor, I take such a baby dose, I shouldn’t feel those side effects. What I do notice, if I take four pills or 1 mg. in a day, I have difficulty staying awake to drive. This was a recurrent problem when I was heavily training for American Ninja Warrior. A lack of sleep may have aided in this problem, but when a huge cup of coffee can’t help you stay awake on the road, even when it has in the past, it’s probably a side effect.

Azilect is usually prescribed first, as it’s thought to slow progression. I can not vouch for that, but I can tell you it keeps the Sinemet in my system longer. Less Sinemet, means fewer drugs. Fewer drugs mean even fewer side effects, including the dreaded DYSKENESIA!

I have been supplementing my life, my entire life. I’ve supplemented tangibles, like makeup and clothes for building memories. I’ve supplemented being in a lonely marriage for being happy all by myself. We tend to supplement what we don’t get naturally, and because of that I’ve never remained consistent with supplementation. Last year, I counted all the pills I was taking a day…26! And that was mainly supplements! It got to the point about this time last year, where inconsistency took over and I fell off the supplement wagon. Here is the post I wrote regarding all the supplements I was taking.

Here is what I’ve discovered while taking only a few at a time. NeuroScience’s Balance D’s main ingredients are. Vitamin C, B6, Folate, Selenium and a proprietary blend of N-acetyl-L-cysteine, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine and Mucuna cochinchinensis seed extract. When I take two of these in the morning, mixed with my cocktail of meds, I don’t come “off” my meds for seven hours. Without this supplement, they last only three hours. That’s huge!!! Again, less meds, the fewer the side effects! I also take a high grade dose of Omega 3’s when possible as they are good for brain health. And I take a Magnesium supplement to keep me regular and aid in sleep.

Balance DOmega 3

I believe food is very important for our overall health! Diabetes and obesity are at epidemic proportions. The majority of our vitamins and minerals come from and are better absorbed through food. However, you must be cognizant of when you take your meds, versus when you eat. Through my own research I discovered both protein and Vitamin B prevent the absorption of Sinemet. So, you must wait 30 minutes after taking your meds before eating or wait several hours to take your meds after eating, and I try to only take B vitamins at night. 

I am a foodie! I love amazing, melt in your mouth food! However, for the most part I eat relatively clean. I love salads with kale and spinach and chicken and fish are my typical proteins of choice. I try to eat organic when I can and I’d rather have raw veggies over cooked any day. With all of that said, I believe the Mirapex makes it difficult for me to keep weight on. With my workout regime as intense as it is, I can lose five pounds very quickly, if I’m not careful. So, I will often eat ice cream with a Butterfingers sprinkled on top or a box of Milkduds.  Sugar is not good for you! However, it does boost dopamine, and again, with my activity level and overall health, it’s something I can afford to indulge in.

As soon as my doctor said, “Exercise is the only thing proven to slow the progression of Parkinson’s, so get moving,” I listened and got moving. I started off slow and free, heading to my local high school track. I began jogging a lap to warm up and then would head to the bleachers. Bleachers for someone with a movement and balance disorder can be disastrous. I went slow and would grab on to the railing anytime I needed. I never ran them. Instead, I walked up and down with very thoughtful movements. Before long, I was sprinting up to a mile on the track and doing ten sets of three bleachers. Doing bleachers helped me regain my balance. A girlfriend of mine, who is a neurological physical therapist said, “if you don’t use your balance, you lose it.” The first round I do normal bleachers, the second round I step wide, and the third round I alternate raising a leg.

Around this time, it was July of 2015, and working out outdoors became a game of ‘Will I Finish This Workout Without Passing Out?!’ So, I headed indoors to the confines of a gym, where I continue to work out now two to three days a week. I usually do four sets of eight, with as much weight as possible, alternating legs and upper body. I like to do four to five exercises focusing on the butt, which includes squats, lunges, straight leg deadlifts and a targeted series, that includes donkey kicks and fire hydrants to really plump up my non-existent derriere. The following day, I’ll do bicep curls, tricep pulldowns, shoulder presses, lat pulldowns and a chest press. This will vary as to the exact type of exercise, but I try to work each muscle group during my workouts. I’m also trying to incorporate more ab exercises into the days I lift weights. 

 Two to three days a week, I head to the ninja gym. This is where the real fun begins. No matter my day, I’m instantly in a good mood at Iron Sports Gym. Every time I fly five feet from one bar to the next, I have this huge rush of accomplishment followed by naturally made dopamine. As I climb up the “Devil Steps” upside down with only the use of my arms, I know I am killing Parkinson’s with each step. With every pull-up, climb or swing I know I am winning my battle over an incurable disease. I have seen huge improvements over grip strength, balance and agility at the ninja gym. I take a full Senimet before working out at the ninja gym, because my metabolism is burning it up. However, because I am moving with such intensity, I don’t have dyskinesia while training! 

Researchers are uncovering that not only high intensity exercise, but exercise that moves you beyond your comfort level have neuroprotective qualities that may not simply slow, but reverse neurological disease symptoms. When I heard this, I immediately thought, “Of course that’s true. I’ve seen this in my own personal experience at Iron Sports Gym, ninja training.” With each move I make, I am overcoming fear of failure, falls and fractures. 

“Kill it!” “You’re overthinking!” “Be fearless!” These mantras are repeated over and over to ninjas. Out of my comfort zone? Yes, I think I’m achieving that. 

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I am 38 years old. I was a cheerleader, gymnast, runner of long and medium distances as a kid. After high school, I taught gymnastics for a year, lifting girls 50 pounds heavier than myself into back tucks. I became a personal trainer by the age of 23. I continued working out through out my adulthood, but was never consistent. 

Each of us are snowflakes in life. We’re completely unique, which makes us special and beautiful. Parkinson’s is no different to life. Each of us that have been labeled with PD vary in symptoms, age, activity level before and after diagnosis and the “cocktail” of meds that may work for us. While this plan works for me right now, very soon it may change. I am experiencing increasing dyskinesia in my left arm. My next movement specialist visit will determine what, if anything, will change.

None of this is a magic pill. I am not cured. I still tremor when I awake. My movements are slow and rigid. I still face the same prognosis that each of you share, but I’m fighting back! I truly believe that by pushing myself physically, I’m taking control of my disease. I have set up healthy boundaries in my life and do not allow triggers of stress to invade my circle. I control only what I can, and hand the rest up to God. 

People ask me every day how I continue on, remaining so positive. I am just me. This is all I’ve ever known to be. However, the simplest answer I can give you is the day I was shot, the day my neurologist pulled the trigger with the words, “You have Parkinson’s,” was the day I got the chance to be reborn! And this snowflake woke up realizing each day here on Earth is just another amazing opportunity to just be me!

Five Quick Ways to Get Toned Abs and Flatten Your Belly – How to video attached

Have hundreds of sit-ups, or thousands of crunches given you that elusive ‘flat’ belly or six pack? Here’s what I learned from my various attempts to reduce my waistline: While those crunches helped a little, they didn’t help a lot in my pursuit to get toned abs.

While crunches exercise some core muscles, almost literally ignore other core muscle groups, particularly the deep muscles you desperately need to access to build a stronger core. Luckily, there are other effective ways to slim and strengthen your abs. Here are five of my favorite ways to get great abs and a flatter stomach.


Never heard of this before? You learn everyday. Reminds me of an exercise a wise tough trainer once taught me, which I quickly forgot once I didn’t have to see him any more. Now I am learning it the hard way. Who knew??

It’s the latest rage… and yes, it actually works! Here’s how to do it.

Pick a time when you haven’t eaten recently. Choose one of these positions:

●       On your back, with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.

●       On your hands and knees.

●       Sitting up straight in a chair with no arm rests.

Take a few deep breaths. Then exhale as much air as you can, and pull your belly button in toward your spine. Hold this position for 15 seconds, squeezing your belly button in as far as you can and taking small breaths if needed. Try to work your way up to 60 seconds.

The great thing about this stomach exercise is that in addition to giving your abs a powerful workout while you’re doing it, it trains you to keep your tummy tucked in during the day and INSTANTLY flattens your belly!


Your body may protest when you start but will adjust if you keep at it. I should have paid more attention to mum.

This exercise is easy to do, but it really works. Do enough repetitions, and I guarantee that you’ll feel your abs the next day!  This is a very effective technique to get toned abs fast.

1.      Lie face-up on a carpeted floor or mat and put your hands behind your head, gently supporting your head with your fingers. Lift your legs at about a 45-degree angle.

2.      Make a bicycling motion with your legs, straightening one leg as you bend the other. As you bend each knee, rotate your body to bring the opposite elbow close to it. Do three sets of 16 bicycles on each side.



Yeah, I know. These are a little tough. But as you’re tightening your abs, you’ll also be sculpting your thighs and butt—so you’ll get a lot of reward for a little pain.

Here’s how to do a proper plank pose:

1.      Lie face-down on a carpeted floor or mat. Rest your upper body on your forearms, keeping your palms flat on the floor.

2.      Push off the floor, supporting your body on your toes and forearms. Your body should form a straight line from the top of your head to your heels. Don’t let your butt stick up or sag.

3.      Hold this position for 20 to 60 seconds. Repeat three to five times.


This variant of the plank doesn’t just flatten your abs; it strengthens your back as well, giving you beautiful posture and helping to protect you from back injuries.

To do a side plank, lie on your right side, supporting your upper body on your right forearm, with your legs straight and your left hand on your left hip. Tighten your abs and lift your hips, supporting your body weight on your right forearm and the side of your right foot. (Don’t let your hips sag.) Hold this position for 10 to 30 seconds. Switch sides and repeat.


This belly flattening exercise really digs into those lower ab muscles. One caution, however: Skip this exercise if you have any back problems.

To do a reverse crunch, lie on a carpeted floor or mat with your arms at your sides. Lift your legs straight up. Now lift your hips off the floor, raising your legs straight up toward the ceiling. Lower your hips and repeat.

Are you ready to get a flatter belly & get toned abs? Keep at it!

To get the best results from these exercises, do them regularly. The fastest way to get toned abs is consistency! Get in the habit of doing the stomach vacuuming exercise first thing every morning before breakfast, and do the bicycles, planks, side planks, and reverse crunches at least every other day.

Here’s just one recommended stomach flattening workout routine you can implement to get quick results:

Daily – Exercise 1 > 5 sets x 60 seconds each rep

Mon, Wed, Friday – Exercises 2-5 > 3 sets of 12 reps each

Along with a healthy eating plan, I bet that within a couple of weeks, your waistline will get slimmer and more sculpted. I also predict that you’ll see changes in your butt and thighs, because these exercises work your entire core.  Just imagine how good you’ll look in a few months from now and make all your friends envious during the holiday season!

adapted from drkellyann

Unintended consequences: Woman contracts deadly disease from dog licks

A  woman was admitted to the emergency room with seizures and organ failure after contracting blood poisoning after her Italian greyhound licked her face.

The saliva transferred from the pooch smooch resulted in blood poisonings in the unique case confirmed in the BMJ Case Reports medical journal.

Sepsis derives from the bacteria, Capnocytophaga canimorsus, and is normally transferred through dog bites.

According to the National Institute of Health if sepsis develops into septic shock there is a potential mortality rate of 50%.

“The prevalence of contracting sepsis from a dog lick is rare,” said Dr. Scott Simon, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the Animal Hospital of Chelsea. “However it’s important that owners don’t intentionally exchange saliva with their dogs especially if they are undergoing chemo therapy, have AIDS, are pregnant or are elderly.”

According to Dr. Simon, your dog is more likely to give you ringworm, scabies or parasites.

After four days of intravenous antibiotics and months of thyroid hormone replacement and outpatient treatment the woman has been symptom free for about a year.

“If your pooch is a scavenger, then a canine lick on the lips could jeopardize your health. The half-eaten hot dog your dog found on the street — or the feces he was nibbling on — could be loaded with germs and bacteria such as toxocara, salmonella, giardia, hookworm, tapeworm and many others, putting your family’s health at risk,” Dr. Oz said in an interview with People Pets.

The bottom line is this: as adorable as those doggie kisses may be, they may give us more than we asked for in the form of gum disease caused by organisms not normally found in the human mouth. You can show your affection to your dog for Valentine’s Day, or at any other time — but it’s probably best to share a hug or a pat and save the kissing for your human pack members..

Davina McCall, 48, fit s a fiddle, with an enviable six-pack, confident, successful and great role model

…successful professional life and even cooks in a bikini. How cool is that. Oh and she has a husband and 2 children to boot

Some quotes from Davina

“Looking good in a bikini isn’t about looking skinny – it’s about feeling hot,” she says. “I’m 48, I’ve got a jelly belly – I’ve got extra skin – but I don’t care because I feel good.

“I’ve got cellulite on the back of my legs. I don’t care. I think I look good. My husband thinks I look good. That is what I want to share with everybody.”

“My one really good bit of my body is my tummy – I’m always taking selfies showing it. My knees are really weird and I’ve always had kind of straight legs, not shapely.

“But as you go on through life, you become a lot more accepting of where you’re at. I might not be physically perfect but my forte is my bum and my stomach. I’ve come to accept that.”

Davina has devised a new five-week bikini tum diet, starting tomorrow, to help tackle that most difficult of body trouble-spots.

It helps to be fit but you don’t have to be skinny to feel good about yourself

…watch this spot for updates and tips


Davina-McCall (1)Davina-McCall (3)


Dropped 132 lbs!!: Karlye Thurlow literally lost half her weight of 264 lbs

This mother-of-two has completely turned her life around and has never looked back.

Karlye Thurlow was prepping healthy baby food for her five-month old son when it suddenly dawned on her that she was not being the positive role model that she really wanted to be.

The mother-of- two, from Lismore in NSW , always ensured her children had a balanced diet but her own health and well-being had been put on the back burner.

Three years ago, the 36-year-old’s weight ballooned to 264.5 lbs (120 kg) and she decided that she had to make a change to her lifestyle regardless of how crazy her schedule was with the kids and life in general.

“I was so unhappy but I would say to myself ‘my body made these two beautiful children’. I realized I had to stop ignoring my negative thoughts and face them head on,” – Karlye

The four liters of Coca Cola she consumed everyday was replaced with water and smoothies – and the comfy sofa was abandoned for her walking shoes.

Now that’s serious dedication!

Karlye’s complete flip with her mindset paid off volumes – she shed an incredible 132 lbs (60kg) in just nine months. Her amazing transformation saw her drop from a size 22 to a tidy size 10.

This inspirational mum managed all of this while caring for Amber, who was just four at the time, and baby Logan.

“I would go to the gym after Logan’s 3.30am feed and be back in time for breakfast. I just made it work for me so that I could feel good about myself for the rest of the day.”

More importantly – three years on she has maintained her healthy lifestyle despite the significant hurdles she has faced – including separating with her husband after more than 10 years and both of their children being diagnosed with autism.



“Personal trainer helped me smash my goals”

In January 2013, Karlye started walking for an hour every single day and lost the first 44 lbs (20kg) over the next three months. Altering the grocery list was another big factor in the weight loss.

“I educated myself and reclaimed the power. I was the one doing the grocery shopping and looking after everyone. I didn’t realise how negligent I had been.’

Once Karlye had lost some kilos, she felt confident to get down to her local gym.

“The manager of the gym at the time became my personal trainer which really helped me smash my goals.”

The fitter Karyle became in both her body and mind, the more clarity she had about what she wanted in her life.


The amicable marriage separation


Six months after her transformation began, Karlye’s new positive outlook on life also made her take a look at her marriage.

“We had been having counselling for some time before I lost weight. I had always put him and the kids first and although I still put the kids first – I decided didn’t necessarily want to spend the rest of my life with him,” she says.

“We have always been friends and we remain friends. He’s such a great dad.”

Fortunately, the healthy separation has seen the children adapt well to their parents living apart.

“As long as they are supported and loved – they are fine. It has become the norm for them.”

“We are also lucky to have supportive families which helps a lot.”


“Each day I talk about the three things I’m grateful for”

The fact that both of the children have autism has also not impacted too greatly on their lives.

“We don’t really talk about it – it’s just who they are – we don’t focus on it too much,” she says.

“We work on their strengths and just tell them how beautiful and amazing they are.”

Karlye has been practicing what she preaches by talking to herself every morning to start her day on the right track.

“I find those little windows – in the shower, getting dressed, doing my hair, brushing my teeth or after dropping the kids off at school to be aware of my internal dialogue,” she says.

“Each day I talk about the three things I’m grateful for.”


“It’s about breaking the pattern”

But, of course like everyone, she still has her tricky days to work through.

“I still have my worried days but I just focus on my breathing and allow myself to feel it and then let it go,” she explains.

“It’s about breaking the pattern – I use pen and paper now to write in my journal instead of going to the cupboard and devouring a packet of Tim Tams.”

Karlye now has a very healthy relationship with food and enjoys putting the effort into what she prepares.

“After I would put Amber to bed, I would be so fatigued and tired from working full time that we would just eat something that we could throw in the oven or microwave – or just dial up food, it was really bad,” she says.

“I wanted to feel sexy and feminine”

Karlye has evolved from being quite reclusive to really loving getting out and about.

“It was so heartbreaking – I would go to the beach in board shorts because I was too self-conscious. I would decline dinner parties because I didn’t have a pretty dress to wear,” she says.

“I became so withdrawn and ashamed of what I had allowed myself to become.”

Now this mama looks smoking hot and even got a new pair of boobs to complete her fab look.

“I got them for myself – not for anyone else. I had worked so hard on my body and wanted to feel sexy and feminine.”

Inspirational plans

Since the start of the year, Karlye has been running her own personal training business.

“I have this nice network of women who have reached out to me. I want to start a wellness clinic and start something massive that not only reaches all of Australia but also globally,” she says.

“I now feel obliged to share my story inspire others to not live in pain for so long like did.”

Well done Karlye! We hope that your story will inspire other mums out there that absolutely anything is possible even with the crazy schedule of juggling kids and work.

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Peyronie’s disease, one mans personal journey fighting this debilitating condition that afflicts men:  fibrous tissue bending the pen*s

Named after the French surgeon François Gigot de la Peyronie who described it in 1743,  this is a condition in which patches of scar tissue (fibrous plaques) develop along the shaft of the penis. This can result in changes in the shape (bending or deformity) of the penis, painful erections and difficulties with having sex .

The options for treatment include medicines taken by mouth, applied to the surface of the penis or injected into the scar tissue. Stretching, electrical treatment, lasers and surgery are other options. In rare cases, the condition may clear up completely but most men find that it either stays the same or becomes worse over time.


Peyronie’s disease usually occurs in middle-aged men, and it’s estimated to occur in 1% of men.


The Journey
Three years ago, just after I turned 50, I discovered a lump in my penis; hard, painful and the size of a pea. I went to my GP, who panicked and muttered “suspected cancer”.

He dispatched me for a next-day hospital appointment where the senior urologist examined me and declared: “That’s not cancer, that’s Peyronie’s.” My first thought was it sounds like a beer. And the second – I’m glad it’s not cancer.
Versions of this refrain were recited back to me over the next few months: be grateful it’s nothing sinister. The inference being, man up. But that was not easy the more I found out about my condition.
Peyronie’s disease is a tissue disorder; hard fibrous lumps grow in the penis, causing it to bend and shorten. It affects between 1% and 3% of men (although some specialists suggest rates could be as high as 8%).


Peyronie’s disease6.pngThe cause is rarely clear. I had my suspicions, though. The pills I took for a prostate problem? The invasive cystoscopy from a few years back? Rough sex? Genetic predisposition? Experts talk about all of these as possible links but they don’t really know.
Meanwhile, my penis felt weird. It had become my enemy. Each time I had an erection, it hurt. This is when I discovered how many erections men get while asleep: 10-12 per night on average.
Six to nine months after I first noticed something was wrong, the pain had receded, but the lump was still there, and a bend had developed. When erect, my penis had twisted from its previous straight up to bent at 90 degrees.


 Peyronie’s disease3
The bigger the bend the more pain a man can experience when erect and attempting to penetrate. At times in the location of the bend, the penis can narrow causing the penis to shrink or be less firm from the bend point forward.

Once I’d been diagnosed, a round of scans, tests and examinations began as I was shunted between two hospitals and four consultants.

There’s no guaranteed fix for Peyronie’s. Over several months I tried pills and oils, and also vacuum-pumped my penis for 30 minutes daily in a plastic cylinder until it ached, hoping to disperse the lump.

The diagnosis arrived at a difficult time in my life, during the last months of a long-term relationship. By the time we had separated, my condition was so bad that we couldn’t have sex. Not just because it hurt, but because structurally it was no longer possible.

There followed many months of singledom, wondering: what am I supposed to do? Who could I share the big news with that my penis was so out of shape? It’s not something you announce at a dinner party. So, mostly I kept the Peyronie’s to myself.

I wanted to meet someone new, but what kind of romantic life could I hope for? I know that coupling isn’t simply about intercourse. But I wasn’t ready to lose my sex life.


At the end of 2014, after months of medications and treatments, with the bend only getting worse, I took my last resort and had a piece of my penis cut out. This surgical method of straightening (called plication, or the Nesbit procedure) removed much of the bend but also almost two inches of length.

The loss hurt. In fact the whole thing hurt. When I woke up and saw the large stitches, I wanted to throw up. Yet, before surgery I couldn’t have intercourse. Post-op, I can.

I met my new partner through online dating. We emailed back and forth for weeks and I told her everything before we met.

“Wow, I didn’t expect that,” was all she said, and it really didn’t faze her. She was sympathetic from the start. We got together and when it was time to try the new penis out, it was fine; in fact, it was great.

After months of medications and treatments, with the bend only getting worse, I took my last resort and had a piece of my penis cut out. This surgical method of straightening (called plication, or the Nesbit procedure) removed much of the bend but also almost two inches of length.
The loss hurt. In fact the whole thing hurt. When I woke up and saw the large stitches, I wanted to throw up. Yet, before surgery I couldn’t have intercourse. Post-op, I can.
I still battle to accept all that’s happened. Recently, my surgeon said my angle was good. But what about the missing inches?

Peyronie’s disease7.png


Straightening the penis with plication is achieved by shortening the convex side of the penis (ie, opposite the plaque). Plication is generally performed in men with adequate penile length

It finally hit me – this is irreversible. This may feel like a tragic, but that’s how illness is sometimes – there’s no going back.
The penis still bends a little and has lost some of its staying power, but it works in a new relationship, sex life is back…..

Justine McCabe (313lbs ) lost 126lbs after her husband’s tragic suicide… she shares her epic transformation through daily selfies

After the suicide of husband John Paul, last year, depressed Justine McCabe, 31, ate her way to 313lbs 

She has transformed her body shedding, 126lbs in one year, through sheer discipline, diet and exercise

The mother of 2 from Burbank, LA dropped dress size from 24 to 10

She shares her epic transformation through daily selfies recorded over the year

Stunning Justine now has created a confident and positive new outlook to life

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

The race to fitness begins for Justine who at her max weighed 311lbs
Justine McCabe9A diferent time, a different look for Justine who had battled weight issues most of her adult life. Justine took a selfie every day for a year

Three months after the devastating loss, she was coaxed into going to the gym by family and friends to improve her mood and encourage her to lose some of her hefty 22st 3lb frame.
After feeling uplifted from exercising the mum-of-two realised she needed to change her life, and started by taking a selfie every day for a year to document her weight loss journey.

WEIGHTLOSS SELFIESJustine started by taking a selfie every day for a year to document her weight loss journey

She swapped her high calorie snacks for clean eating and gluttonous portions for a gym membership – hitting the gym an incredible six times every week.

Justine’s Diet Before

Breakfast: Three waffles with maple syrup
Lunch: BBQ chicken takeaway pizza
Snacks: Chocolate, donuts, cookies, crisps
Dinner: Three portions of pasta meals with lots of bread
Dessert: Bowls of ice cream and a chocolate snack

Sivan Health and Fitness Arm Rest Balance Ball Fit Chair with Ball and Pump

At the same time, Justine decided to set herself challenges based on things she was scared of including skydiving, travelling abroad alone, strenuous exercise, climbing the Eiffel Tower and more.
Now a year on from her challenges she’s unrecognisable after losing a whopping nine stone and dropping from a dress size 24 to 10.
Justine, from Burbank in Los Angeles, US, said: “My husband’s death was a really heavy and horrible time, it was worsened because my mum had died not long before too.

justine maccabe11She found exercising improved her mood

“Having a loved one commit suicide and being in the aftermath of that is one of the most fearful, awful things you can go through.
“The death of my husband shook me awake and made me realize I needed to make a lot of changes.
“After having time to re-evaluate my life while working out, I came to the conclusion that I needed to pursue my dreams and tackle my fears – I needed to truly live.
“I knew that if I could survive living without my husband and mom then I should push my boundaries and limits to face all fears I had, to live a life they would be proud of.”
She added: “The 365 days of selfies was one of the first things I did, it started during my mourning period, the first one was horrible I looked so lost, broken and left for dead.

WEIGHTLOSS SELFIESShe swapped her high calorie snacks for clean eating and gluttonous portions for a gym membership, attending the gym six times a week

Justine also set herself challenges to overcome her fears
“As I began to shed weight I was more adventurous, I’m terrified of heights and flying, so going parasailing, cliff jumping and then flying on my own to Paris was incredible.
“Before, you couldn’t pay me to go skydiving or any of those things, but after my husband died I wanted to face these fears.
“Every challenge I tackled made me feel more alive and brought me back it life, it kept me fuelled to keep going on and living.
“Losing weight was part of that lifestyle change for me, I’d been overweight since I was 18 and was always trying the latest fad diets to get the weight off but it never worked.
“Whenever I’d go on a plane I used to need a seatbelt extender which was embarrassing and I was always ‘the big girl’ to everyone.

Justine’s Diet After

Meal one – Egg whites with avocado
Meal two – quinoa, chicken and asparagus
Meal three – Banana
Meal four – Lean fish and spinach
Meal five – Chicken with brown rice and broccoli
Meal six – Protein Shake

Michael Michael Kors Saffiano Leather Iphone 4S 5 Crossbody Red

“Whenever I’d go on a plane I used to need a seatbelt extender which was embarrassing and I was always ‘the big girl to everyone’.”

Now, Justine credits her selfies with giving her the drive to continue her unbelievable transformation.
She said: “The selfies were a massive encouragement for me, whenever I didn’t want to go to the gym I’d skim through them and realise why I was doing it all.
“Looking back over the selfies gives me goose bumps, I can’t believe I’ve come so far and accomplished goals that once seemed unreachable.

The milestone was losing 100lbs, all recorded via selfies

She says losing her husband made her realise she had to change
“I now feel like I am a different person. I chase my dreams and am truly living.”
Justine started to balloon at the age of 18, when she put on more than six stone during pregnancy.
From there her weight spiralled out of control as she would eat large portions and countless convenience store snacks, eventually hitting 22st 3lb.
She explained: “Before, I used to eat very big portions, then lots of fried food and sometimes at dinner I’d go back for three servings.

Justine McCabe10If
she was to realize her goals, Justine realized she could not do it alone, so she hired a personal trainer.

“I was always snacking between meals, I used to eat a lot of processed food like candy, donuts, cookies, anything quick and convenient.
“It really affected my confidence, I was known as ‘the big giant girl’ because of my height and weight, and to deal with that embarrassment I comfort ate more, it was a vicious cycle.”
Seven months into her healthy life she had lost 100lbs, which was a big milestone for Justine as she was finally able to fit in a pair of jeans she kept since the age of 18.

Before the weight loss Justine would gorge on fast food and barely left the house. Now she has unveiled the svelte, glamorous, outgoing Justine

Now weighing a small 13stone 5lbs she says she’s determined to keep up the challenges as they’re enriching her life.
Justine said: “Weighing less than 200lbs was amazing, it was like saying goodbye to the ‘big girl’ that I was before.
“Now people who have known me for years don’t recognise me and their minds are blown by how much weight I’ve lost.“The challenges won’t stop here now, this year I’ve got four more obstacle races, hiking up mountains, more skydiving, bungee jumping and travelling, now I’m just trying to live a limitless life.”
Justine attributes her weight loss success to her personal determination and also to her online coach.

Fit fighting shape for Justine Maccabe after shedding half her body weight

MICHAEL Michael Kors Women’s Kristen Thong Sandals, Black Patent, Size 7.5

Now Justine says she is just trying to lead a ‘limitless life’
Jonny Straws, a personal trainer, said: “From the very beginning Justine had a goal in mind and would seek the most challenging route to increase her success.
“We shifted a cardio based mentality to implementing weights and a variety HIIT training, also our meal plans adjust monthly with a focus on finding the enjoyment in healthy foods.
“I can’t wait to help her as she continues to elevate her fitness and health to new

hit rock bottom following the death of her husband John Paul last February – gorging on fast food and barely leaving the house.

Tennessee teacher, Laura Micetich, shares the secret of how she transformed her body, shedding 115lbs of 300lbs and had no excess skin issues, without surgery!

6 foot tall Laura Micetich, 25, a Tennessee teacher, ballooned to 300lbs after a life time of binge-eating

When the weight cost her a 4-year relationship she hit the gym and decided on eating sensibly

Laura lost 115 lbs in two years, honed her frame and has no excess skin

Stunning Laura looked so unrecognisable people thought she had gone under the knife

Shares her secret, credits instagram with keeping her honest


Laura Micetich, 25, struggled with secretive binge eating and by 2014 she had ballooned to 300lbs.  Today the stunning woman who shrunk 115lbs after a break-up looked so unrecognisable people thought she could not have achieved her new look naturally, without going under the knife. At six-feet and with her obese frame, Laura described herself as intimidating. After the losing her boyfriend of your year due to9 her size, the beautiful brunette decided to get fit. The teacher from Jackson, Tennessee, initially considered weight loss surgery but when she joined a gym and watched the first few pounds fall off she realised she could do it naturally.

The identical woman? Laura Micetich, 25, stated individuals typically assume she resorted to surgical procedure once they hear about her weight-loss, barely believing she’s the identical woman as earlier

Laura Micetich weight loss

 Laura Micetich, 25, struggled with secretive binge eating and by 2014 she had ballooned to 300lbs. At six-feet and with her obese frame, Laura described herself as intimidating.

The Tennessee instructor says she joined a fitness center after beginning her diploma, fearing that she would not be a great position mannequin for college kids

The instructor, from the town of Jackson, initially thought-about weight-loss surgical procedure however when she joined a health club and watched the primary few kilos fall off she realised that she might do it naturally.

laura_loses_weight13.pngFrom binge eater to fitness fanatic

Two years later and the beautiful brunette seems to be so totally different that folks have accused her of getting surgical procedure or taking weight reduction tablets to realize her new look. Laura, who is understood on-line because the Iron Giantess, stated: ‘With my peak and being that measurement, I used to be imitating.
She added: ‘The turning level was after I had graduated and simply got here out of a 4 yr relationship.‘
I used to be going right into a educating diploma and needed to be an excellent position mannequin the youngsters.
Laura says she would eat in secret and sometimes binge-ate her means by way of sugary snacks and dangerous meals, saying: ‘I might go to the fridge and discover one thing I wanted – it was a little bit of habit. It wasn’t emotional consuming, it was simply one thing I did.’

laura_loses_weight11.png‘It wasn’t emotional consuming, it was simply one thing I did.’ Laura says that she struggled with binge consuming and would gorge on sugary meals in secret

In form: Laura used weight lifting as a approach of getting match, one thing she credit with making certain she does not have any unfastened pores and skin

However the worry of standing in entrance of a classroom of youngsters meant she stayed motivated on the fitness center, following a strict train plan. She says: ‘I’m a instructor and my measurement was the very first thing the youngsters picked up on. It wasn’t them being imply spirited, youngsters simply haven’t any drawback being trustworthy.’
Laura switched to wash consuming and began weight lifting. In only a yr she had misplaced half her physique weight.
My foremost objective is simply to be completely happy and wholesome. I really like the health club now – I do weight coaching six days every week
She stated: ‘Individuals assume I’ve had surgical procedure nevertheless it was all pure. I labored actually exhausting.
‘I’ve even had individuals steal my pictures and used it for weight reduction drugs claiming I used them to slim down however that is not true.
And Laura’s pores and skin was left clean regardless of the dramatic weight-loss, one thing she places right down to weight-lifting: ‘I feel it helped me to not have numerous extra pores and skin.’

Happy smily Laura, credits her nstagram account with keeping her on track

Laura says her Instagram account additionally performed an enormous half in her position of getting match.
She stated: ‘At first I prayed nobody would discover my account as I’m not actually a social media woman.
‘However documenting my journey performed an enormous position of getting me match as there was group to help and encourage me and vice versa.’
The health club is a scary place: the six-foot instructor says she confronted discrimination when understanding with individuals considering that she wasn’t critical about dropping the load


My height and weight cut an intimidating presence

For Laura, becoming a member of a fitness center was key in her transformation however she revealed that lots of her fellow health club bunnies initially doubted her dedication.
Laura explains: ‘The health club is a scary place. I made a decision simply to go and never care what individuals thought however after I had misplaced the load somebody informed me that they hadn’t anticipated me to make it.
‘They stated that folks on the health club had thought it was a joke they usually have been stunned by how I used to be getting wholesome.
‘There’s a variety of discrimination on the market. It is exhausting. However what I learnt was to cease victimising myself and to be sort to myself.
She added: ‘My essential aim is simply to be joyful and wholesome. I really like the fitness center now – I do weight coaching six days every week however it’s extra concerning the way of life not simply losing a few pounds.’

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“I felt like I was a prison on death row,”: Yang Shoufa’s, incorrect HIV diagnosis lost him his family and left him living in isolation for 10 years

Yang Shoufa, 40, who was diagnosed with HIV illness in 2004, lost his job and was abandoned by his wife and children.

He lost his home, his friends and family and was forced to live in complete isolation, was put on strong doses of antiretroviral drugs, after being diagnosed with HIV has now he is being told he never had the disease.

Yang, who lives in Central China’s Henan province, lost his job after the heavy dosage started affecting his health.

His wife and children then left him and others in his village began laughing at him.

His house has slowly fallen down around him, leaving him homeless.

“I did think of committing suicide.”

“To live through each day was a torture. I had no idea which day would be my last day.”


In 2012, he fell ill and was hospitalized. This time, his medical report came back saying, “HIV negative.”





364lbs down: Router family conquer cancer and weight to live healthy fulfilled lives


Music teacher, Rob Router – ‘I was inspired to lose weight last year by my mum as part of her recovery from ovarian cancer she was allocated a personal trainer. She’s lost 7st’.

The family, who live in Luton, realised they had a poor lifestyle when they started to suffer from serious health issues from their overeating.


Trevor Router, his wife Val, and son Simon, went from a collective 71 stone down to a much healthier 45 thanks to a high protein diet from

Trevor Router, his wife Val, and son Simon, went from a collective 71 stone down to a much healthier 45 thanks to a high protein diet from
Trevor and wife Val, who suffered from health problems because of their weight

Val, 64, and her husband Trevor, 68, both weighed 294lbs, which Simon, 39, was unable to weigh himself on normal scales and was regularly breaking furniture and splitting trousers.

Once he got a hold of special scales to discover his weight, he found he was a jaw dropping 420lbs.

When Trevor was diagnosed with a brain tumour and Val developed cancer in her knee caused by her obesity, the whole family vowed to address their lifestyles.

They discovered and switched their diet to a high protein one, which they teamed with exercise as the weight started to come off.

Trevor Router, his wife Val, and son Simon, went from a collective 71 stone down to a much healthier 45 thanks to a high protein diet from
Simon, Trevor and Val have lost 26st between them and say they added exercise with sensible eating

Simon said: “Back in 2013, my weight was completely out of hand. It’s a miracle I wasn’t diabetic. I’d always been big, but after I graduated from university I just started to pile on the pounds.

“I was having carry-outs around six times a week alongside massive bowls of sugary cereal and bacon sandwiches. I was so fat I broke a sofa and splitting trousers became a common occurrence for me.

“I quit the carry-outsand started eating a high protein low carb diet, ordering my food from I immediately began to see the difference. At one point I was losing 7lbs a week.

“With the weight slipping away so easily it became addictive. I started saying ‘yes’ to any challenges that were thrown at me.

Trevor Router, his wife Val, and son Simon, went from a collective 71 stone down to a much healthier 45 thanks to a high protein diet from
The family say they’re proud of each other and have achieved the weight loss because of the collective support

“I’ve done triathlons, the Great Eastern Swim and the London to Brighton cycle. If you’d have told me I’d be able to achieve those kinds of goals a few years ago I never would have believed it.

“Over two and a half years I’ve lost 184lbs and I’m in the best shape of my life.”

Dad Trevor said: “I was diagnosed with a brain tumour back in November 2011 and was in and out of intensive care for two years.

“Once I was discharged my body was in dire need of care. I was given advice from a personal trainer from the hospital who told me to cut out all the rubbish and start exercising.”

Trevor Router, his wife Val, and son Simon, went from a collective 71 stone down to a much healthier 45 thanks to a high protein diet from
Simon says he never imagined that he’d be fitter and healthier like this

Val added: “I was diagnosed with cancer in my knee due to my obesity and was told if I didn’t lose some weight, I was looking at two years to live.

“We switched our diet completely and now eat egg white omelettes, grilled chicken and salad. I’ve lost 126lbs and Trevor has lost 63lbs and we’ve both never felt better.

“I lost enough weight to have an operation on my knee to help with the cancer and whilst I haven’t got the all clear things are certainly looking much better.

“For me it’s not only helped me physically but my confidence has dramatically improved.

Trevor Router, his wife Val, and son Simon, went from a collective 71 stone down to a much healthier 45 thanks to a high protein diet from
Simon has lost more than 184lbs and now participates in triathlons

“I love that I can go into any shop now and fit into a size 12. When you’ve dropped eight dress sizes that means a lot.

“As a family we all spurred each other on with our weight loss. We are so proud of Simon getting into shape and embarking on these incredible fitness challenges.”