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LA Fitness accused of racial profiling in NJ! Company claims manager and two employees fired after viral video showed harassment of black gym member

LA Fitness staff caught in racial profiling, revoke Black member’s access
LA Fitness say they have fired manager and two female employees after viral video showed them calling cops on a black gym member at their Secaucus, NJ, gym on Monday
On April 16, Tshyrad Oates posted on Facebook that he’d used a four day guest pass to workout with his friend, who’d been a member for eight years  
Staff of the facility harassed them all through even after he repeatedly showing that they had proper access – eventually the manager asked them to leave and called the cops on them when they decided to record the altercation
Neither man was arrested and police  informed the manager that they aren’t doing anything illegal although they were made to leave
LA Fitness corporate claim the manager and two female staff  working involved in the incident have been ‘removed from the company’, after the incident.
The two friends insist that they wouldn’t believe the company’s claim until a written statement has been made 
Tshyrad Oates 1.pngIn a Facebook post on April 16, Tshyrad Oates [right], shared that he racially profiled after he used a four day guest pass to workout with his friend, who was already a long-standing member at the Secaucus, New Jersey gym
LA Fitness has reportedly fired a manager and two other staff at the New Jersey gym where two black men were escorted out by police on Monday, as a consequence of what has been described as racial profiling of membership.
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Heroin gang undone by Instagram!! Feds seize millions in drugs luxury autos, cash, jewelry from NYC gang with Mexican cartel links

Heroin dealers with Mexican cartel links busted by feds after flaunting their jetsetting lifestyle on social media

Dealers allegedly kept their families in lavish style – bought cars, jewelry and designer clothes with drug money


Yacht parties, diamond encrusted jewelry, Miami waterfront getaways all shown off on Instagram

Fed agents on Wednesday seized 12 kilos of heroin worth nearly $1million from Victor ‘Bebo’ Agosto, Perfecto ‘Fec’ Deleon, Luis ‘Lou’ Lopez,   Andres ‘Dre’ Reyes, Nestor ‘Tito Bird’ Rivera, and Peter Vasquez

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Emotions unhinged!! Angry woman uses a hammer to smash up her ex-husband’s SUV with her terrified children screaming for ‘daddy’

  •  A woman smashed her ex-husband’s car with a hammer with her kids her inside
  • The disturbing video shows the woman casually striking blows to every window 
  • Glistening pieces of glass scatter into the car, appearing to cut her daughter
  • A caption with the clip says she was in a fit of jealous rage and reported to police

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Self love by Idia Aisien – ” I’ll admit the one thing I always wanted to change was my nose. ” – “happy with who I am”

She wrote about self love on her  Instagram page where she shared the photos:

I’ll admit the one thing I always wanted to change was my nose. I used to get so many horrible messages and people would tease me about how it looked. I always planned to become very rich and get a nose job so it could be more pointed…it all sounds so silly now, what’s wrong with having a nose that’s different?? So what if we don’t look like everyone else? I have to be happy with who I am, it’s the self love and the peace that changes your outlook on life; and it’s the gratitude that opens doors🙏🏼❤️ Cheers to self love🥂#Gratitude#peace#Greece#Santorini#Greece2017#idiatravels#tvgirl#happiness

Somewhere out there in Greece

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French fitness guru, Rebecca Burger killed in freak accident with whipped cream dispenser

French fitness blogger and Instagram star killed by exploding whipped cream dispenser
Well known fashion and fitness blogger, Rebecca Burger,  died the June 18th, 2017 in an accident at her home in Mulhouse, Eastern France
Burger died after a pressurized whipped cream dispenser exploded, hitting her in the chest e
Burger allegedly was hit violently in the chest by the exploding canister, leading to a heart attack
Rebecca Burger was a well known fashion and fitness blogger and Instagram star

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Health Dept warns of the dangers of Going overseas for cut rate cosmetic surgery – Flesh eating bacterial infection hits victims

NY woman ailing from infection contracted during overseas cosmetic surgery offers warning to women
Linda McFaline went to the Dominican Republic for cosmetic surgery and came back with an infection that almost cost her life 
McFaline, 40, says she has a hole in her breast caused by an infection she contracted after getting implants and liposuction in the Dominican Republic
NY Health Dept has identified a cluster of skin and tissue infections associated with plastic surgery done in that country 
The infections, called Mycobacterium abscessus/chelonae, attack the skin or soft tissue 
It’s been found in 10 women, eight in New York City, including McFaline, and two in Connecticut
DOH warns it has isolated a rash of similar infection contracted by patients of named cosmetic surgery clinics
Advises  infected persons to seek medical attention 

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Crowning International Women’s Week – My Hero Monica Arit Inyang #StrongWoman #Femminist #Pioneer #Trailblazer #Exampleofexellence #Teacher and Mother


Monica Inyang – pioneer teacher, chef, disciplinarian, director at home and at work, religious director, tuff chick, fashionista….mummy

monica Inyang

We all women created. You have given birth, taken care of your homes, children, siblings, families, neighbors, jobs, colleagues and done these thankless jobs it effortlessly.

I salute you, human computers, figuring out how to take a man to the moon and BACK! All the unsung heroes, chanirwomen of the keitch board, cleaning board, baby birthing and raising board, financial board and directors of the home and families. I salute all of you Continue reading Crowning International Women’s Week – My Hero Monica Arit Inyang #StrongWoman #Femminist #Pioneer #Trailblazer #Exampleofexellence #Teacher and Mother

Inspiration For the Day: Jen Bricker paving her own way. A woman set apart

I am deeply humbled by this lady. Quite inspiring.


Jen Bricker was born without legs and with her heart on the opposite side of her chest. Shocked an uncertain they could care for a child with two birth defects, her biological parents gave her up for adoption. In her loving adoptive home, there was just one simple rule: “Never say ‘can’t.’” And pretty soon, there was nothing that this small but mighty powerhouse set her sights on that she couldn’t conquer: rollerskating, volleyball, power tumbling, spinning from silk ribbons 30 feet in the air.

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NASA’s Black women ‘computers’ sending man to the moon and back … Miriam Mann, Christine Darden, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson …. #HiddenFigures

The Oscar-nominated film Hidden Figures tells the story of African-American women whose maths skills helped put a US astronaut into orbit in the 1960s. But the history of black women working for Nasa goes back much further – and they were still struggling to get the best jobs in the 1970s.
In 1943, two years after the US joined World War Two, Miriam Daniel Mann was 36 years old. She had three children, aged six, seven and eight – but she also had a Chemistry degree.
Job opportunities for married women were limited then, especially for those with children, and even more so for African-American women. Continue reading NASA’s Black women ‘computers’ sending man to the moon and back … Miriam Mann, Christine Darden, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson …. #HiddenFigures

$18M for knockoffs !! Rubin Museum of Art co-chair claims woman conned her into paying $18M for knockoffs of ancient Indian jewelry

‘Philanthropist sues for being duped into spending $18M on fake Indian antique jewels’

Rubin Museum of Art co-chair claims woman conned her into paying $18M for knockoffs of ancient Indian jewelry 
Shelly Rubin, 73, accused Nisha Sabharwal, 56, of conning her into paying $18M for knockoffs of ancient Indian jewelry 
Shelly Rubin, co-chair of the Rubin Museum of Art and her husband started the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation in 1995, which awards grants to arts and social justice programs 
Nisha claimed a friendship with a cash-strapped Indian princess which gave her access to rare antiquities Continue reading $18M for knockoffs !! Rubin Museum of Art co-chair claims woman conned her into paying $18M for knockoffs of ancient Indian jewelry

Ninja wives assassins: Utah polygamist Kain Blackwing, charged for allegedly sending two of his wives, dressed as ninjas, to kill teen girl he sexually abused

Utah polygamist Kain Blackwing, 47, charged for allegedly sending two of his three wives dressed as ninjas to kill teen girl he sexually abused, days before the victim was supposed to testify in court against him 
Blackwing’s initial conviction came in 2014, for abusing the 14-year-old girl whose mother’s fiancé is his half-brother
Sister-wives Raven Blackwing, then 22, and Tylynn Southwick, 19, allegedly jimmied the back door of the victim’s West Jordan, Utah home early one morning, in Sept 2016 
The “polygamist ninjas”, dressed as ninjas in black masks and armed with a handguns, stun gun, knife, screwdriver, matches, syringes and Saran wrap
Both women were convicted for aggravated burglary, aggravated assault and retaliation against a witness or victim Continue reading Ninja wives assassins: Utah polygamist Kain Blackwing, charged for allegedly sending two of his wives, dressed as ninjas, to kill teen girl he sexually abused

The Speech: Michelle Obama in New Hampshire. Must watch video

Michelle Obama spoke from the heart to female voters’ emotions in a speech today from Manchester, New Hampshire, by expressing how deeply upset she was by Republican nominee Donald Trump.


The First Lady refused to let Trump’s latest comments be minimized. “This was not just a lewd conversation. This wasn’t just ‘locker room banter.’ This was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behavior.” What followed should be required reading for every man, because this is what it feels like to be a woman in America today:

‘Last week we saw this candidate actually bragging about sexually assaulting women,’ the first lady said. ‘And I have to tell you, I can’t stop thinking about this.’

‘It has shaken me to my core in a way that I could not have predicted,’ she said.

The first lady, who was campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania and North Carolina since her barn-burner of a convention speech, warned her audience that they wouldn’t be getting that stump speech today.

I listen to all of this and I feel it so personally, and I’m sure many of you do, too, particularly the women. The shameful comments about bodies, the disrespect of our ambitions and intellect, the belief that you can do anything you want to a woman? It is cruel, it’s frightening, and the truth is, it hurts. It hurts. It’s like that sick, sinking feeling you get when you’re walking down the street, minding your own business, and some guy yells out vulgar words about your body. Or when you see that guy at work that stands just a little too close, stares a little too long, and makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. It’s that feeling of terror and violation that too many women have felt when someone has grabbed them, or forced himself on them, and they’ve said no, but he didn’t listen

Nicaela Rodriguez, 49, gets shot in the arm and the bullet ‘shoots’ his mother in the head

Freddie Rodriguez  shows his arm shot by  prostitute’s (r) muscle

Craigslist hooker’s muscle shoots client and his mother in Queens after john took back his fee at knife-point

Nicaela Rodriguez, 49, survived  9 mm bullet grazing her head, after it tore through her sex-seeking boy’s right hand

Freddie Rodriguez, 24, summoned Craigslist prostitute to his mother’s home, stole back his $120 payment at knifepoint, when she wouldn’t go through with the act

Woman’s muscle came to collect, shot Freddie and his mom through doorway when door was slammed in his face

Freddie Rodriguez summoned a Craigslist prostitute to his mother’s Queens home, stole back his $120 payment at knifepoint — and got his mom shot when the woman’s muscle appeared, police sources said Friday. The antics of the sex-for-hire seeking son left his mother injured and disappointed, with a near fatal head wound.
Freddie was was shot in the forearm, but Nicaela Rodriguez, 49, was lucky to have only suffered a graze wound to her head during the near fatal 2:30 a.m. clash inside her home, according to the police.
An obviously chastened Freddie said “I know it’s bad to call these hookers,” “My mother is mad. I’m going to have to move. I apologized, but she wants me to move.”

craigslist hooker and Freddie Rodriguez2The advert posted by the prostitute on craigslist

Nicaela Rodriguez, survived the gun shots when the bullet grazed her head after tearing through her son’s right arm. The same first struck Freddie, ripping through his forearm.
The hooker-saga began when 24-year-old Freddie invited a prostitute he met on Craigslist to his mother’s apartment, early Thursday for a 60-minute session.
“We agreed to be together for one hour for $120,” Freddie said. “She did oral for two minutes, and she stopped. She said she didn’t want to do anything else anymore.”

craigslist hooker and Freddie Rodriguez hospital1Mother and son were taken to the Jamaica Trauma center in Queens, NY

The former Brooklyn resident began arguing with the prostitute, demanding additional sex acts, and pulled the knife when she refused to agree during the 2:30 a.m. liaison, cops said.
Rodriguez insisted it was less menacing than it sounds: “When I took out the knife I wasn’t planning to do anything to her … She gave me the money.”
The hooker left only to dispatch dispatched an armed friend who was waiting outside the South Richmond Hill apartment building to go upstairs, to revenge and collect her fee.
“I made the mistake of leaving the (front) door open,” said Rodriguez. “As soon as he entered my house, I saw him pull the gun and when he pulled the gun, I closed the door and he shot.”

Freddie Rodriguez3.jpg

Nicaela Rodriguez was sleeping in her bedroom when she heard her son arguing with the dreadlocked man in the hallway, and the bullet grazed her skull when she opened the door, according to the reports.
“It only scratched her,” said Rodriguez. “My mother is pissed.”
Cops say it wasn’t the first time Freddie disappointed mom: He had six previous arrests, including busts for burglary, robbery and assault. Rodriguez also said he had spent time in a psychiatric care facility.
The distraught mother and her son were treated and released Thursday, with both returning to the Queens home.
“Obviously,” said Freddie Rodriguez, “I am not going to do this again.”


Must watch -kiss of an angel: 2 todlers kissing and laughing hysterically – innocent fun

The adorable and stylishly dressed little boy and girl had cput on ‘practiced’ moved on each other

They adorably split apart, breaking into rapsodies of laughter as they put their hands to their mouths in surprise

The kept  at it, smacking lips before adorably bursting into laughter once again and dramatically wiping their faces until it got tired and boring , the went off to more interesting adventures.

Enjoy the video



Prison Guard saved by inmates, Nick Kelton and co: Texas inmates break out of cell to help guard having heart attack

Showing Nick Kelton , an inmate and the prison guard slumped on the floor

Nick Kelton  and a group of Texas inmates busted out of their cell to save a prison guard having a heart attack.

“It never crossed my mind not to help whether he’s got a gun or a badge,”inmate Nick Kelton  “If he falls down, I’m gonna help him.”

About eight prisoners were locked up in a holding cell at the District Courts Building in Weatherford, just west of Fort Worth, on June 23. The only guard posted next to the cell had been joking with the handcuffed inmates when he suddenly slumped over in his chair.

Parker County, Texas, jailer who had an apparent heart attack may very well be alive thanks to inmates who put themselves at risk to help him.

It happened on June 23 in a holding cell in the basement of the District Courts Building in Weatherford.


At least eight prisoners were behind a locked door in a small room off to one side. Their lone guard sat outside and had been joking with them when he slumped over unconscious.

“He just fell over,” said inmate Nick Kelton. “Looked like an act. Could have died right there.”

Kelton and other inmates began shouting for help. Then they managed to bust out of their holding room, even though they knew it was dangerous.

slumpedGuard slumped on floor

“We were worried they’re going to come with guns drawn on us,” Kelton said Thursday.

The guard had no pulse. Inmates screamed and banged on doors. They raised such a ruckus that deputies upstairs in court came running.

“They thought it was a fight,” said inmate Floyd Smith. “They thought we were taking over.”

Parker County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ryan Speegle said he didn’t know what to expect when he got downstairs.

“He had keys,” Speegle said. “Had a gun. It could have been an extremely bad situation.”

Speegle rushed in first to see inmates in their gray and white stripes handcuffed and shackled standing over an unresponsive guard. One prisoner reached for the radio, which was near the gun.


“We were going to call, ‘Mayday,’ or something,’” Kelton said.

Sgt. Speegle corralled the inmates, still not completely understanding what was happening, back into the cell. Deputies started CPR, and the paramedics arrived and shocked the guard, who regained a pulse. Inmates watched life returning.

“He’s a good man,” Kelton shrugged.

Capt. Mark Arnett believes prisoners certainly helped the guard, and likely saved him.

“He could have been there 15 minutes before any other staff walked in and found him,” Arnett said.

Officials declined to identify the guard, who works for a private contractor. He didn’t want to discuss the incident. He’s expected to return to work next week.

Kelton and the other inmates went to court expecting to do time, not to give it.

“I watched him die twice,” he said. “It never crossed my mind not to help whether he’s got a gun or a badge. If he falls down, I’m gonna help him.”

“Seems natural to me,” Smith added.

Ironically, deputies said Smith is in jail for assault on a public servant.

One more twist: The room that inmates broke out of to raise the alarm has now been reinforced.

The ‘Colored Girl’ Campaign – Embracing The Beauty Of Blackness


Two women have come together to redeem beauty for black women through their self-love campaign ; “The Colored Girl Project”. In what is referred to as their freshman campaign, we see 10 black females of different castes, each selected via social media as a toast to Blackness and to showcase its beauty . Images were captured by Joey Rosado, causing us to see the Black Girl Royalty & Magic. Here’s the Freshman class of The Colored Girls :


Tori Elizabeth


Tori Elizabeth is the founder  of The colored girl project and she believes that Black Beauty deserves to be celebrated.

“I started the ‘The Colored Girl’ Project because I wanted to show the different aspects of beauty as it pertains to Black women. I wanted to highlight and celebrate our unique beauty: our eyes, our lips, our cheekbones. In choosing the models, I was looking for one girl in every shade of brown; I found 10 models on social media. I wanted women from different social and cultural backgrounds. I wanted women with angular eyes, women with freckles and fair skin and women with really rich, ebony skin. It’s so important to be proud of who we are and showcase the beauty of Blackness.”

Victory Jones


Victory Jones is the co-founder of The Colored Girl Project .

Being black is a privilege to her; “Being A Black woman is like walking Grace—there’s a beauty and a power in living in this skin.”

On Experiencing colorism, here’s what she had to say :  “Colorism is a strange phenomenon. It’s weird to be made to feel like you’re less than for something that you can’t help— it sucks. And, when it happens when you’re little it’s horrible because it scars you. You want to forget it, but it’s indelibly engrained in your brain even if you suppress it. It informs choices that you make in the future. I think I’m still overcoming experiences with colorism. You get to a point when you realize that who you are matters more than how you look., but there is still a strength that I have specifically because I live in this skin.”

Kalah Christina


Kalah is of the opinion that black women epitomize strength and endurance.

“What I love most about being a Black women is the strength that we exude. As Black women, we have had to overcome so many obstacles in multiple ways: through the industry, in relationships, and society in general—in this day and age, it’s such an empowering thing to be a Black woman.”

Yada D. Lamb


cgp10According to Yada, being a black woman is something of a revolution.

“I love that being able to state that ‘I am a Black Woman’ is a source of power in itself. Living in this skin and being able to say and identify with that statement breaks so many barriers and stereotypes set against Blacks and women as a whole. “

cgp9Malyia McNaughton


Malyia is a jewelry designer. Touching on colorism, she maintains that beauty is in more than just one shade and feels that black women are victims of false compliments.

“I don’t like back-handed compliments, those ‘you’re pretty for a brown girl’ statements. When someone tells me that I look like a ‘Black Barbie’ I often wonder what that means and then they’ll say something like ‘your features look European, but you’re a brown girl.’”

Christina Abiola


For Christina, it’s pretty straight-forward ; Black is Beautiful.

“When I was younger, being dark-skinned was shunned. Now, I think people are accepting and embracing the richness of dark skin. It’s so important to love the skin you’re in.”

Hilda Akua


Hilda is a United states immigrant from Ghana and currently holds the Miss Universe Pageant, Miss Ghana title. She  is all about the peculiarity of the inner strength Black women share.

“What I love the most about being a Black woman is that we have this inner strength that no one else has—I don’t know that other people could handle the things that we go through. Being a Black woman demands strength of us.”

She recounts experiences of colorism;”It’s really interesting to me that there’s such a disconnect between Africans and African-American’s. Being born in Ghana, I didn’t see a white person until I was five years old, but there are so many stereotypes that exist within our own race even though we favor each other visually. The way to overcome colorism is through education.” Akua states she had to learn herself and assess her experience stating, “there’s a difference between being Black in the United States and being Black abroad. Here, regardless of where you are from originally, if you [look brown,] you’re Black—we need to realize that we share that common threshold and identify our strength within it.”

Leineal Howard


Leineal likes to think of black women as a celebration of their ancestry.

“Growing up, my lips were always a source of ridicule. Since then, I’ve grown to appreciate my looks and love who I am. We come from so much, culturally— how we look is a celebration of that. “

Christina Bright


Bright is a popular Blogger and a mother. She is Black and Puerto-Rican. She loves the versatility of Black women and strongly advises that negativity not be internalized .

“I just love that I can get away with any style. I love that I have the ability and the permission to be a chameleon because I’m a Black woman.

She addresses colorism stating it’s often assumed that, “if you’re light, you’re privileged.” She recalls memories of family members who were darker than her holding this notion of privilege over her as young as the age of five. Bright explains, “It’s tough because you get [colorism] from both side— you get it from your family and people darker than you, but you also get it from people lighter than you. I was always stuck in the middle, and never fit in anywhere. Now, I’ve just learned not to internalize it.”

Monica Mateo


Monica is a 40 year-old Dominican. Unbelievable but true. This is why she insists that being Black is being able to defy all odds.

“I’m Dominican so colorism is apart of the culture because of colonization. Caribbeans—especially Caribbeans of color—experience it daily. Ultimately, however, we’re still so beautiful—our skin, our hair, we don’t age. I love that I’m 40 years old and no one believes me when I say that!”


Essentially, this campaign highlights the beauty of black women (in all shades) and urges them to celebrate the beauty of blackness.


credit blanckdigital/thecgirlinc

Human Interest: Linda Perez suffered major brain damage after a breast augmentation procedure in an uninsured clinic

…a lot more than $100,000 is needed here. This will barely cover the cost of a years medical bills

‘ A straight forward breast implant procedure changed a vivacious young mother into a completely handicapped young woman unable to care for her own basic functions ‘

Linda Perez, young mom, 21, left brain damaged after botched $2100 breast implant surgery at uninsured clinic. An hour after surgery, she had breathing problems and ended up comatose, awoke needing 24-hour care, unable to care for herself or her son
Attendant anesthesiologist, a felon, was fined after state of Fla found he failed to meet prevailing standard of care. Clinic claims Ms Perez had prior health concerns that contributed to the complications

Family appealing for help raising $100,000 toward medical bills

Linda Perez, a young mother,
seen here with her mother and her son, was left brain damaged after a cosmetic procedure

A South Florida woman’s life was drastically changed after a cosmetic procedure went awry. Her family is now making a passionate plea for their loved one, Tuesday.
Linda Perez suffered major brain damage after a breast augmentation procedure in 2013.
When the then 18-year-old Linda Perez went in for breast augmentation surgery in Miami, Fla.,  she was a fun-loving, spirited mother to a little boy. Today, after she woke from a coma, you would hardly recognize her.
“She goes into depression and crying,” her mother, Mariela Diaz, said of her daughter, who has been left brain damaged, barely able to speak and requiring 24-hour nursing care.
“She sees that she cannot walk, and when she realizes what happened to her she cries,” said added.

Linda Perez, seen before her breast augmentation surgery

On August 12, 2013, the vivacious and stunning young mother went in for surgery at the Coral Gables Cosmetic Center at a an alleged discount cost of $2,100. Ms Perez   still needs help doing even the simplest of things. “Physically, she’s no different than an infant who needs 24-hour care for the most basic activities,” said the family’s attorney, Mark Eiglarsh.
Perez will need care for the rest of her life. Her attorneys have since filed a lawsuit against the Coral Gables Cosmetic Center in an effort to get his client help. The clinic, however, has no insurance, and the anesthesiologist only has minimal coverage. “The amount that we recovered for her was so low, we gave her our fee,” Eiglarsh said.

Linda Perez was in a coma due to complications that left her with brain and heart damage
18-year-old Linda Perez, went in a Florida cosmetic center for breast augmentation surgery  healthy and came out completely damaged forever

In a report previously filed by Perez’s surgeon, Dr. Jacob Freiman stated that the medical problems Perez experienced after the surgery are similar to ones she experienced during child birth. He cites this information to one of Perez’s doctors.
“They put a spinal anesthetic, and she needed to be intubated,” according to his report describing her post-labor obtained by the Herald.
Freiman believes that Perez hid this information from him so it wouldn’t stop him from performing the surgery.
Such a claim is argued as “hogwash” by Eiglarsh who denies that she knowingly had complications from anesthesia in the past.

Perez is seen before undergoing the surgery in August. According to her mother, ‘she sees that she cannot walk, and when she realizes what happened to her, she cries.’

“We obtained her medical records from when she gave birth to her son and she had an epidural, without any anesthesia. The allegation that she had an adverse reaction to anesthesia was manufactured by the cosmetic center lawyer in an obvious attempt to blame the victim and avoid responsibility for their gross negligence,” wrote Eiglarsh.
Records show Freiman is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has no history of malpractice complaints.
But an anesthesiologist who also participated in the surgery does.
In 2006, Dr. Mario Alberto Diaz had been sentenced to 30 months in prison and two years’ probation after illegally peddling drugs online in Iowa.

linda_perez1Perez’s family said they plan to file a lawsuit for the horrible damage suffered by their daughter.

Diaz was also a defendant for medical malpractice in the death of a 35-year-old following buttock augmentation. His license is active, but he is no longer working at the center, according to Lalchandani.
“Our hopes and prayers are with her. We never want to see any patient under harm,” said Lalchandani of Perez’s condition.
Due to patient privacy, Lalchandani said he couldn’t provide further comment, but said no lawsuits have been filed by the family.

linda_perez3Linda Perez, center, is fed by her mom Mariela Diaz as her father Fernando Izquierdo, left, and a nurse look on at her home in Homestead, Fla

Eiglarsh promised, however, that there’s one in the works.
“As they have no insurance, collecting a nickel towards my client’s lifetime of required healthcare is unfortunately impossible. We are still determined to raise people’s awareness concerning the dangers involved in these types of clinics,” he said.
Complications related to cosmetic surgery made national news earlier this month when another patient died in South Florida. Twenty-nine-year-old West Virginia resident Heather Meadows died after suffering complications while reportedly undergoing a Brazilian butt lift at Encore Plastic Surgery in Hialeah.
Perez’s family and her attorneys are now asking for the public’s help. “She’s going to need millions of dollars for therapy and for treatment. They don’t have it.” Eiglarsh said. “Unless the public helps, she’s going to have nothing.”
They set up a GoFundMe account and said no amount is too small. “This was a tragedy that should not have occurred,” Eiglarsh said.

Marc Johnson, 51,TV producer, suspected drug dealer arrested on narcotics charges,involving in death of Kiersten Cerveny

A TV producer and a suspected drug dealer embroiled in the cocaine overdose death of a Long Island mom have been arrested on narcotics charges, sources said Wednesday.

Police and DEA agents busted Marc Johnson, 51, the producer of the HBO show “The Deuce,” and his longtime friend, James  Holder, 60, Tuesday on cocaine charges, according to officials and court records.

Holder was busted in a building near Sutton Place at about 6:30 p.m., sources said.

Johnson was arrested in Hell’s Kitchen at about 9:40 p.m.

They were not charged for the death of Kiersten Cerveny, a 38-year-old married dermatologist with three kids, who died of an overdose in Chelsea on Oct. 4, officials said.

But both men are accused of trying to cover up that she partied with them that night by moving her body out of Holder’s apartment, court records show.

Cerveny met up with Johnson in the wee hours of that morning at a Lower East Side bar after partying and using cocaine with friends.


Kiersten Cerveny with husband

Johnson and Cerveny took a cab around 4 a.m. to Chelsea to see Holder. Four hours later, Holder and Johnson were seen dragging an unresponsive Cerveny to the front door of the W. 16th St. building.

Johnson tried to perform CPR on her and called 911 after “she turned blue,” he told detectives. Both men left the scene before cops arrived.

An autopsy found she died of an overdose.

The charges were unsealed Wednesday in Manhattan federal court. Cops, the DEA, state troopers and Homeland Security were involved in the operation.

“If you remember, the case was really troubling,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said. “Her body was taken down to W. 16th St. and left in a front doorway. 911 was called, but no one rendered aid and everyone was gone when EMS responded.”

Investigators interviewed law enforcement officers and “more than ten” people who have gotten or seen others get coke from Holder, court documents show.

An autopsy found that Cerveny, a dermatologist from Manhasset, died of an accidental “acute cocaine and alcohol intoxication.” The blond mother of three was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Cerveny, a former pageant queen from New Jersey, married fellow skin doc Andrew Cerveny about 10 months after she reconnected with Johnson, who she had known for a few years.

She and her husband had been living in a rented $1.2 million home for about a year.

After Cerveny’s death, Johnson took time off from his job as a producer of “The Deuce,” an HBO pilot about the porn industry starring James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

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