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Prison Guard saved by inmates, Nick Kelton and co: Texas inmates break out of cell to help guard having heart attack

Showing Nick Kelton , an inmate and the prison guard slumped on the floor

Nick Kelton  and a group of Texas inmates busted out of their cell to save a prison guard having a heart attack.

“It never crossed my mind not to help whether he’s got a gun or a badge,”inmate Nick Kelton  “If he falls down, I’m gonna help him.”

About eight prisoners were locked up in a holding cell at the District Courts Building in Weatherford, just west of Fort Worth, on June 23. The only guard posted next to the cell had been joking with the handcuffed inmates when he suddenly slumped over in his chair.

Parker County, Texas, jailer who had an apparent heart attack may very well be alive thanks to inmates who put themselves at risk to help him.

It happened on June 23 in a holding cell in the basement of the District Courts Building in Weatherford.


At least eight prisoners were behind a locked door in a small room off to one side. Their lone guard sat outside and had been joking with them when he slumped over unconscious.

“He just fell over,” said inmate Nick Kelton. “Looked like an act. Could have died right there.”

Kelton and other inmates began shouting for help. Then they managed to bust out of their holding room, even though they knew it was dangerous.

slumpedGuard slumped on floor

“We were worried they’re going to come with guns drawn on us,” Kelton said Thursday.

The guard had no pulse. Inmates screamed and banged on doors. They raised such a ruckus that deputies upstairs in court came running.

“They thought it was a fight,” said inmate Floyd Smith. “They thought we were taking over.”

Parker County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ryan Speegle said he didn’t know what to expect when he got downstairs.

“He had keys,” Speegle said. “Had a gun. It could have been an extremely bad situation.”

Speegle rushed in first to see inmates in their gray and white stripes handcuffed and shackled standing over an unresponsive guard. One prisoner reached for the radio, which was near the gun.


“We were going to call, ‘Mayday,’ or something,’” Kelton said.

Sgt. Speegle corralled the inmates, still not completely understanding what was happening, back into the cell. Deputies started CPR, and the paramedics arrived and shocked the guard, who regained a pulse. Inmates watched life returning.

“He’s a good man,” Kelton shrugged.

Capt. Mark Arnett believes prisoners certainly helped the guard, and likely saved him.

“He could have been there 15 minutes before any other staff walked in and found him,” Arnett said.

Officials declined to identify the guard, who works for a private contractor. He didn’t want to discuss the incident. He’s expected to return to work next week.

Kelton and the other inmates went to court expecting to do time, not to give it.

“I watched him die twice,” he said. “It never crossed my mind not to help whether he’s got a gun or a badge. If he falls down, I’m gonna help him.”

“Seems natural to me,” Smith added.

Ironically, deputies said Smith is in jail for assault on a public servant.

One more twist: The room that inmates broke out of to raise the alarm has now been reinforced.


The ‘Colored Girl’ Campaign – Embracing The Beauty Of Blackness


Two women have come together to redeem beauty for black women through their self-love campaign ; “The Colored Girl Project”. In what is referred to as their freshman campaign, we see 10 black females of different castes, each selected via social media as a toast to Blackness and to showcase its beauty . Images were captured by Joey Rosado, causing us to see the Black Girl Royalty & Magic. Here’s the Freshman class of The Colored Girls :


Tori Elizabeth


Tori Elizabeth is the founder  of The colored girl project and she believes that Black Beauty deserves to be celebrated.

“I started the ‘The Colored Girl’ Project because I wanted to show the different aspects of beauty as it pertains to Black women. I wanted to highlight and celebrate our unique beauty: our eyes, our lips, our cheekbones. In choosing the models, I was looking for one girl in every shade of brown; I found 10 models on social media. I wanted women from different social and cultural backgrounds. I wanted women with angular eyes, women with freckles and fair skin and women with really rich, ebony skin. It’s so important to be proud of who we are and showcase the beauty of Blackness.”

Victory Jones


Victory Jones is the co-founder of The Colored Girl Project .

Being black is a privilege to her; “Being A Black woman is like walking Grace—there’s a beauty and a power in living in this skin.”

On Experiencing colorism, here’s what she had to say :  “Colorism is a strange phenomenon. It’s weird to be made to feel like you’re less than for something that you can’t help— it sucks. And, when it happens when you’re little it’s horrible because it scars you. You want to forget it, but it’s indelibly engrained in your brain even if you suppress it. It informs choices that you make in the future. I think I’m still overcoming experiences with colorism. You get to a point when you realize that who you are matters more than how you look., but there is still a strength that I have specifically because I live in this skin.”

Kalah Christina


Kalah is of the opinion that black women epitomize strength and endurance.

“What I love most about being a Black women is the strength that we exude. As Black women, we have had to overcome so many obstacles in multiple ways: through the industry, in relationships, and society in general—in this day and age, it’s such an empowering thing to be a Black woman.”

Yada D. Lamb


cgp10According to Yada, being a black woman is something of a revolution.

“I love that being able to state that ‘I am a Black Woman’ is a source of power in itself. Living in this skin and being able to say and identify with that statement breaks so many barriers and stereotypes set against Blacks and women as a whole. “

cgp9Malyia McNaughton


Malyia is a jewelry designer. Touching on colorism, she maintains that beauty is in more than just one shade and feels that black women are victims of false compliments.

“I don’t like back-handed compliments, those ‘you’re pretty for a brown girl’ statements. When someone tells me that I look like a ‘Black Barbie’ I often wonder what that means and then they’ll say something like ‘your features look European, but you’re a brown girl.’”

Christina Abiola


For Christina, it’s pretty straight-forward ; Black is Beautiful.

“When I was younger, being dark-skinned was shunned. Now, I think people are accepting and embracing the richness of dark skin. It’s so important to love the skin you’re in.”

Hilda Akua


Hilda is a United states immigrant from Ghana and currently holds the Miss Universe Pageant, Miss Ghana title. She  is all about the peculiarity of the inner strength Black women share.

“What I love the most about being a Black woman is that we have this inner strength that no one else has—I don’t know that other people could handle the things that we go through. Being a Black woman demands strength of us.”

She recounts experiences of colorism;”It’s really interesting to me that there’s such a disconnect between Africans and African-American’s. Being born in Ghana, I didn’t see a white person until I was five years old, but there are so many stereotypes that exist within our own race even though we favor each other visually. The way to overcome colorism is through education.” Akua states she had to learn herself and assess her experience stating, “there’s a difference between being Black in the United States and being Black abroad. Here, regardless of where you are from originally, if you [look brown,] you’re Black—we need to realize that we share that common threshold and identify our strength within it.”

Leineal Howard


Leineal likes to think of black women as a celebration of their ancestry.

“Growing up, my lips were always a source of ridicule. Since then, I’ve grown to appreciate my looks and love who I am. We come from so much, culturally— how we look is a celebration of that. “

Christina Bright


Bright is a popular Blogger and a mother. She is Black and Puerto-Rican. She loves the versatility of Black women and strongly advises that negativity not be internalized .

“I just love that I can get away with any style. I love that I have the ability and the permission to be a chameleon because I’m a Black woman.

She addresses colorism stating it’s often assumed that, “if you’re light, you’re privileged.” She recalls memories of family members who were darker than her holding this notion of privilege over her as young as the age of five. Bright explains, “It’s tough because you get [colorism] from both side— you get it from your family and people darker than you, but you also get it from people lighter than you. I was always stuck in the middle, and never fit in anywhere. Now, I’ve just learned not to internalize it.”

Monica Mateo


Monica is a 40 year-old Dominican. Unbelievable but true. This is why she insists that being Black is being able to defy all odds.

“I’m Dominican so colorism is apart of the culture because of colonization. Caribbeans—especially Caribbeans of color—experience it daily. Ultimately, however, we’re still so beautiful—our skin, our hair, we don’t age. I love that I’m 40 years old and no one believes me when I say that!”


Essentially, this campaign highlights the beauty of black women (in all shades) and urges them to celebrate the beauty of blackness.


credit blanckdigital/thecgirlinc

Human Interest: Linda Perez suffered major brain damage after a breast augmentation procedure in an uninsured clinic

…a lot more than $100,000 is needed here. This will barely cover the cost of a years medical bills

‘ A straight forward breast implant procedure changed a vivacious young mother into a completely handicapped young woman unable to care for her own basic functions ‘

Linda Perez, young mom, 21, left brain damaged after botched $2100 breast implant surgery at uninsured clinic. An hour after surgery, she had breathing problems and ended up comatose, awoke needing 24-hour care, unable to care for herself or her son
Attendant anesthesiologist, a felon, was fined after state of Fla found he failed to meet prevailing standard of care. Clinic claims Ms Perez had prior health concerns that contributed to the complications

Family appealing for help raising $100,000 toward medical bills

Linda Perez, a young mother,
seen here with her mother and her son, was left brain damaged after a cosmetic procedure

A South Florida woman’s life was drastically changed after a cosmetic procedure went awry. Her family is now making a passionate plea for their loved one, Tuesday.
Linda Perez suffered major brain damage after a breast augmentation procedure in 2013.
When the then 18-year-old Linda Perez went in for breast augmentation surgery in Miami, Fla.,  she was a fun-loving, spirited mother to a little boy. Today, after she woke from a coma, you would hardly recognize her.
“She goes into depression and crying,” her mother, Mariela Diaz, said of her daughter, who has been left brain damaged, barely able to speak and requiring 24-hour nursing care.
“She sees that she cannot walk, and when she realizes what happened to her she cries,” said added.

Linda Perez, seen before her breast augmentation surgery

On August 12, 2013, the vivacious and stunning young mother went in for surgery at the Coral Gables Cosmetic Center at a an alleged discount cost of $2,100. Ms Perez   still needs help doing even the simplest of things. “Physically, she’s no different than an infant who needs 24-hour care for the most basic activities,” said the family’s attorney, Mark Eiglarsh.
Perez will need care for the rest of her life. Her attorneys have since filed a lawsuit against the Coral Gables Cosmetic Center in an effort to get his client help. The clinic, however, has no insurance, and the anesthesiologist only has minimal coverage. “The amount that we recovered for her was so low, we gave her our fee,” Eiglarsh said.

Linda Perez was in a coma due to complications that left her with brain and heart damage
18-year-old Linda Perez, went in a Florida cosmetic center for breast augmentation surgery  healthy and came out completely damaged forever

In a report previously filed by Perez’s surgeon, Dr. Jacob Freiman stated that the medical problems Perez experienced after the surgery are similar to ones she experienced during child birth. He cites this information to one of Perez’s doctors.
“They put a spinal anesthetic, and she needed to be intubated,” according to his report describing her post-labor obtained by the Herald.
Freiman believes that Perez hid this information from him so it wouldn’t stop him from performing the surgery.
Such a claim is argued as “hogwash” by Eiglarsh who denies that she knowingly had complications from anesthesia in the past.

Perez is seen before undergoing the surgery in August. According to her mother, ‘she sees that she cannot walk, and when she realizes what happened to her, she cries.’

“We obtained her medical records from when she gave birth to her son and she had an epidural, without any anesthesia. The allegation that she had an adverse reaction to anesthesia was manufactured by the cosmetic center lawyer in an obvious attempt to blame the victim and avoid responsibility for their gross negligence,” wrote Eiglarsh.
Records show Freiman is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has no history of malpractice complaints.
But an anesthesiologist who also participated in the surgery does.
In 2006, Dr. Mario Alberto Diaz had been sentenced to 30 months in prison and two years’ probation after illegally peddling drugs online in Iowa.

linda_perez1Perez’s family said they plan to file a lawsuit for the horrible damage suffered by their daughter.

Diaz was also a defendant for medical malpractice in the death of a 35-year-old following buttock augmentation. His license is active, but he is no longer working at the center, according to Lalchandani.
“Our hopes and prayers are with her. We never want to see any patient under harm,” said Lalchandani of Perez’s condition.
Due to patient privacy, Lalchandani said he couldn’t provide further comment, but said no lawsuits have been filed by the family.

linda_perez3Linda Perez, center, is fed by her mom Mariela Diaz as her father Fernando Izquierdo, left, and a nurse look on at her home in Homestead, Fla

Eiglarsh promised, however, that there’s one in the works.
“As they have no insurance, collecting a nickel towards my client’s lifetime of required healthcare is unfortunately impossible. We are still determined to raise people’s awareness concerning the dangers involved in these types of clinics,” he said.
Complications related to cosmetic surgery made national news earlier this month when another patient died in South Florida. Twenty-nine-year-old West Virginia resident Heather Meadows died after suffering complications while reportedly undergoing a Brazilian butt lift at Encore Plastic Surgery in Hialeah.
Perez’s family and her attorneys are now asking for the public’s help. “She’s going to need millions of dollars for therapy and for treatment. They don’t have it.” Eiglarsh said. “Unless the public helps, she’s going to have nothing.”
They set up a GoFundMe account and said no amount is too small. “This was a tragedy that should not have occurred,” Eiglarsh said.

Marc Johnson, 51,TV producer, suspected drug dealer arrested on narcotics charges,involving in death of Kiersten Cerveny

A TV producer and a suspected drug dealer embroiled in the cocaine overdose death of a Long Island mom have been arrested on narcotics charges, sources said Wednesday.

Police and DEA agents busted Marc Johnson, 51, the producer of the HBO show “The Deuce,” and his longtime friend, James  Holder, 60, Tuesday on cocaine charges, according to officials and court records.

Holder was busted in a building near Sutton Place at about 6:30 p.m., sources said.

Johnson was arrested in Hell’s Kitchen at about 9:40 p.m.

They were not charged for the death of Kiersten Cerveny, a 38-year-old married dermatologist with three kids, who died of an overdose in Chelsea on Oct. 4, officials said.

But both men are accused of trying to cover up that she partied with them that night by moving her body out of Holder’s apartment, court records show.

Cerveny met up with Johnson in the wee hours of that morning at a Lower East Side bar after partying and using cocaine with friends.


Kiersten Cerveny with husband

Johnson and Cerveny took a cab around 4 a.m. to Chelsea to see Holder. Four hours later, Holder and Johnson were seen dragging an unresponsive Cerveny to the front door of the W. 16th St. building.

Johnson tried to perform CPR on her and called 911 after “she turned blue,” he told detectives. Both men left the scene before cops arrived.

An autopsy found she died of an overdose.

The charges were unsealed Wednesday in Manhattan federal court. Cops, the DEA, state troopers and Homeland Security were involved in the operation.

“If you remember, the case was really troubling,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said. “Her body was taken down to W. 16th St. and left in a front doorway. 911 was called, but no one rendered aid and everyone was gone when EMS responded.”

Investigators interviewed law enforcement officers and “more than ten” people who have gotten or seen others get coke from Holder, court documents show.

An autopsy found that Cerveny, a dermatologist from Manhasset, died of an accidental “acute cocaine and alcohol intoxication.” The blond mother of three was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Cerveny, a former pageant queen from New Jersey, married fellow skin doc Andrew Cerveny about 10 months after she reconnected with Johnson, who she had known for a few years.

She and her husband had been living in a rented $1.2 million home for about a year.

After Cerveny’s death, Johnson took time off from his job as a producer of “The Deuce,” an HBO pilot about the porn industry starring James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

One Chibok girl rescued!!: The first of the Nigerian Chibok School Girls kidnapped by Boko Haram rescued

…that ‘husband’ needs to explain himself properly. We are waiting to hear where the other girls are and how he got ‘gifted’ a wife while he was a ‘prisoner’.

Nigerian high school girl, Amina Ali Nkeki abducted from school at 17 by terrorist group, Boko Haram 

Rescued, 2 years later pregnant with baby and ‘husband
Found wandering at edge of forest, hungry and filthy
irst of the 219 Chibok school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram to be freed after the two years in captivity
Reunited with mother. Father died while she was in captivity
276 girls preparing for science exams were kidnapped, dozens escaped in the first few hours, but 219 remaind captive

When Amina Ali Nkeki was kidnapped by the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram more than two years ago, she was a mere schoolgirl.
On Tuesday night, she apparently wandered out of a forest, asking for help — accompanied now by a “husband” and a baby.
She is the first of the more than 200 Chibok schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram to be freed after the two years in captivity, Nigerian military officials and a witness say.

Bangladesh’s brothel village: What about the fate of the children trapped in this mess  – video

With 1300 sex workers, almost 900 children and about 500 shopkeepers supporting the trade, Daulatdia is the largest residential brothel in Bangladesh, one of the biggest in the world.

The Brothel provides service for 3000 men daily
Most workers know they will never leave, now some are taking action to ensure their children don’t suffer same fate

There is a brothel in Bangladesh that services 3,000 men a day. Sixteen hundred women live and work there. Daulatdia, the biggest brothel in Bangladesh Daulatdia is Bangladesh’s largest brothel-village, and while most of the sex workers know they will never leave, some are taking action to ensure their children don’t suffer the same fate.
Daulatdia is an entire village in Bangladesh dedicated to prostitution. Every day, 1,300 trafficked, enslaved and abandoned women and girls sell themselves for £2 a time. In the midst of the trade live 300 children, many born in the village. Some will be groomed to be the future of the business like their mothers and grandmothers.

With education programmes and support provided by Save The Children, a few may find their way out.
Yes, Daulatdia, the most notorious brothel-village in Bangladesh, is a lifelong trap for most of its sex workers. But, some of them will do whatever it takes to give their children a better life.

Daulotdia in Bangladesh is one of the biggest brothels in the world Ð a village of roughly 1,800 women who sell sexual services to about 3,000 men each day. The brothel looks like any other small town in Bangladesh with its fruit stalls, teashops, and workshops. The only difference is the unusual number of women in the street. Opened at the end of the nineteen-century, the ÔcharÕ of Daulotdia or river island, is situated at the confluent of two rivers, the Meghna and the Padma. Its location makes it a very important crossing. Thousand of trucks coming from the west and the southwest queue up there for days, waiting to be able to get on a ferry to cross the river and continue towards Dhaka, the capital. It is sometimes three generations of women from the same family who have lived or live in Daulotdia, each of them becoming in turn ÔtsukriÕ (bonded prostitute), ÔbharatiaÕ (independent prostitute) and ÔbariwalliÕ/sardani (owner of rooms rented by the prostitutes and owner of prostitutes). The brothel is probably the only place where baby girls are welcomer than baby boys. Once old enough and having become a prostitute, they will be able to look after their mother. Once a woman is identified as a prostitute, it is very difficult for her to be accepted by the Bangladeshi society even if the profession of prostitute has been declared legal and as such can figure on the election cards. How do these girls see their mothers? How do they grow up in the brothel, why do they become themselves prostitute? How do they start, who teach them, how do they become ÔbharatiaÕ or ÔbariwalliÕ? These are the questions we ask ourselves during our visit to Daulotdia.

Sex workers waiting for clients in front of their rooms. 
Conditions for sex workers vary according to their place in the brothel hierarchy.
17-year-old Shumi. managed to escape Daulatdia. But she is one a vey lucky few.

The Story of Shumi

Shumi is a 17-year-old dispalced far from her rural home. She came to the city with the promise of working in a garment factory to send money home to her ageing parents. But there is no factory here, no city lights or whirring industry. Just a dusty, pot-holed highway with a queue of lorries and cattle trucks and buses stretching as far as the eye can see, waiting their turn for an ancient ferry to cross the vast Padma and Jamuna Rivers.
Leaning into this curve of highway is Daulatdia, a shanty town of corrugated iron and battered bricks. Shumi came here with an older woman who visited her village touting the promise of city jobs. But now she has gone. The last time the wide-eyed teenager saw her chaperone, she was tucking crumpled banknotes into the folds of her sari as she disappeared into Daulatdia’s maze of alleys without a backward glance.
Shumi has been sold. For less than $200, her future has been deposited here, in a tiny room with a rag over a window and blankets strewn across a creaking bed. She has joined a production line, after all, albeit one where the business is lust and the output is pleasure for up to 3000 male visitors each day. With a population of more than 1600 sex workers, almost 900 children and about 500 shopkeepers supporting the trade, Daulatdia is the largest residential brothel in Bangladesh – and one of the biggest in the world.
For more than six decades, it has serviced the hordes of men who travel the highway, one of the busiest trade routes in the country, as they wait to cross the Padma River, and anyone else who cares to make the trip from Dhaka, about 70 km east.

1382706113100A Corrugated city of hell for 1600 women,  Daulatdia, the most notorious brothel-village in Bangladesh, is a lifelong trap for most of its sex workers.

And this much Shumi also now knows: she cannot go back to her village. She has no phone number and no money, and even if she could find her way there, there would be no home for her now. She is no longer daughter; she is a whore, the carrier of a scourge worse than any disease: the curse of shame.
And so she waits. She endures the beatings from her “landlady” and gets to know the other young chukri, or bonded prostitutes, who work the madam’s rooms. During the day, Shumi sometimes joins them as they throw back their glittering headscarves, giggling, to share dreams of one day paying off their bonds and renting one of Daulatdia’s 2500 or so rooms independently. But her eyes are always veiled.
Tonight, she lies still as the breathing of the man in the bed beside her steadies and deepens. She sees her chance. Until now, her obvious youth has been an enemy, drawing the gaze of lascivious visitors ever-hungry for new flesh. But this evening, as she stealthily pulls on her client’s hat and coat, she is grateful she is still coltish. She might just pass for a gawky university student who has jumped a train down from Dhaka to take his turn with the girls of Daulatdia.
For once, too, the village’s nightly heave of drug-fuelled hedonism is her friend, as Shumi slips unnoticed toward one of the brothel’s narrow gateways. She has managed what few before her have achieved. As the girl flees towards the railway tracks, she passes first through a rocky, rubbish-strewn field behind the brothel. Denied burial on consecrated ground, it is here, in unmarked graves, that most of the women of Daulatdia will end their days.

At what age does a child realise he or she is unclean? When does a young boy understand his place of birth has robbed him of any right to an education or healthcare, or a girl that she exists for only one awful thing?
“More than half of Bangladesh’s 60 million children are estimated to be living below the poverty line.”


“And among them, children of sex workers, in and out of brothels, are undoubtedly some of the most vulnerable, because they are already ostracised from the community and routinely denied basic rights like education and public health.”
While prostitution is officially illegal in the moderate Muslim country, the Bangladeshi government has been no more successful than any other modern administration at stamping out the street sex trade in its sprawling cities. It also tolerates 14 “registered” brothels, most of which are concentrations of 100-plus sex workers living and working in self-contained communities.

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Dennie Lees, 24, was left with septic leaky breast after undergoing the ‘cheap’ $3418 breast augmentation in Belgium.  

A young woman has warned of the dangers of cheap cosmetic surgery after her breasts exploded and nearly killed her following a boob job abroad.

Dennie Lees, 24, underwent the $3418 operation to have her breasts increased from a size 34A to 34F at a clinic in Belgium, last summer.

But after returning home to the UK, she claims she developed a fever before her breasts suddenly burst, sending fluid ‘gushing’ down her chest ‘like a tap’.

Dennie was rushed to Sandwell Hospital in West Bromwich, West Midlands, where doctors told her she had blood poisoning and operated to remove the 800CC breast implants.

Following the surgery, the furious patient complained to the Belgium clinic and was told she could have a second implant operation for free.

She agreed and flew out to the clinic again last week. But when she returned to Britain last Friday, Dennie felt a ‘ripple’ sensation in her left breast and drove herself to hospital

When doctors opened the stitches, they discovered the area was infected and Dennie was transferred to City Hospital in Birmingham, where she had the implant removed.

She has now been left with an uneven chest after she decided to leave her right implant in when medics told her it was healthy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Dennie, who lives with her boyfriend Ed, 26, in Great Barr, Birmingham, said: “It was about nine days after the surgery and I felt a ripple when I was walking.

“At first I brushed it off but I woke up the next day with the worst fever I had ever had.

“I took my sports bra off and it just gushed out, it was like a tap, it was disgusting.

“I was so scared. My mum and boyfriend took me to hospital still with fluid pouring out of my breasts.


“They rushed me through A&E and I had about five or six doctors around my bed hooking me up to all kinds of monitors and drips.

“It turned out I had sepsis and the nurse told me if I hadn’t have come in when I did I would have died during the night.

“The first thing the next morning I was back in theatre having my breast implants removed.

“I woke up with drains still removing all of the leftover fluid. I was in hospital for about five days but I think I cried the whole time I was there.”

Dennie, who had her initial boob job on September 2 last year, said she returned to Belgium last week to go under the knife again – but quickly realised something was wrong.

“After I went back to Belgium last week to have the surgery done again, as soon as I landed on the plane back in England I felt a ripple in my left breast,” said the delivery driver.

“Rather than going home I came straight back to hospital and when one of the doctors opened the stitches it poured with puss.

“I had an operation to remove the left implant on Tuesday so now I have one enhanced breast and one ‘man boob’.

“I’m hoping to be allowed home soon but I definitely won’t be leaving the house anytime soon.”

Dennie now wants to raise awareness and issue a warning to other young women who may be considering going abroad for cheap cosmetic surgery.

She added: “I’ve wanted boobs since I hit puberty. I was blessed with a fat body with A-cup boobs.

“I got friendly with a woman on holiday in Greece last summer who had used the same clinic and she was pleased with them.

“I had all consultations done in England and there were loads of people in the waiting room and it all seemed okay.

“When I went over to Belgium it was a posh clinic. The rooms were lovely and everyone was really friendly and they couldn’t do enough for you.

“I decided to go back a second time because after I had to have them removed I was left with horrible lumps and bumps and abnormal-shaped breasts.

“I wouldn’t say to people not to have surgery but just to be very careful where they go because as much as it’s cheaper to go abroad, it’s not always best.

“Even though infections can happen in this country as well I just think it’s safer being closer to home.

“I wish I’d have had them done here now and I shouldn’t have gone back there for them to ‘fix’ them.”

Despite her nightmare ordeal, Dennie is still determined to go under the knife again to have her left breast enlarged to match her right one.

She is now considering taking legal action against the Belgian clinic.

Dennie added: “I haven’t had a sorry. I do want to sue them but I am still in hospital so I want to get home and decide what action to take next.”



Kathryn Robb’s mission: What is so difficult about passing a law to protect children from Predators?

Kathryn Robb, a sex abuse survivor, had a recurring nightmare when she was younger.

She opened up to her mother in the dream, revealing that her oldest brother would slip into her bedroom late at night and sexually abuse her. And then — still in the dream — her family’s Long Island home promptly burst into flames.

Robb, 56, says she doesn’t need Sigmund Freud to tell her that the dream represented inner turmoil. She was deeply traumatized by the years of sexual abuse, but she also feared that telling her parents would rip her family apart.

“The family, like the church, is a sacred institution,” Robb said. “That’s what makes it so hard to come forward.”
Robb, now a lawyer and victim advocate, has a meeting in Albany on Monday with Senate Deputy Majority Leader John DeFrancisco (R-Syracuse) to discuss a bill that would eliminate the statute of limitations for pursuing criminal charges or filing lawsuits in child sex abuse cases.

Robb and two other child sex abuse survivors tried to meet with DeFrancisco on May 4, but he brushed them aside and instead attended a pizza party for the Syracuse University women’s basketball team.

Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan (R-Suffolk County) and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie (D-Bronx) declined sitdowns and will send staff members to meet with advocates instead.

Gov. Cuomo also opted not to meet with the sexual abuse survivors and will dispatch Assistant Counsel David Perino to meet with Robb and others.

Sen John DeFransico – Refused to meet with victims
Robb returns to Albany with her sister Dorothy Robb Farrell, 50, and other activists to lobby state lawmakers. The law bars victims from seeking criminal charges or pursuing civil litigation after their 23rd birthday.

The sisters say they were sexually abused by their brother George Robb, a former Wall Street mogul once married to supermodel Veronica Webb.

“If you slam the doors of justice on the victims of sexual abuse, you effectively allow predators to continue to rape and abuse children,” Kathryn Robb said. “The most important thing is exposing child predators.”

DeFrancisco has agreed to meet Monday with Robb and other supporters of the Child Victims Act, a bill sponsored by Assemblywoman Margaret Markey (D-Queens) and Sen. Brad Hoylman (D-Manhattan) that would eliminate the statute of limitations and give past victims a one-year window to file civil lawsuits against predators and institutions that cover up sexual abuse.

Long Island priest suspended amid ‘credible’ child sex-abuse rap
DeFrancisco is opposed to the bill, but at least he agreed to a face-to-face meeting with sexual abuse survivors.

“How many perpetrators could have been identified if this legislation had been passed 10 years ago?” Robb Farrell said she will ask lawmakers. “How many kids have been victimized in the past 10 years because this bill wasn’t passed?”

Assemblyman Michael Cusick (D-S.I.) has a bill that would eliminate the statute of limitations for the prosecution of child sex abuse cases. It would also allow victims to file civil lawsuits until their 28th birthday, up from the current 23rd birthday. Cusick’s bill does not include a one-year window for victims whose time to seek recourse has run out under current law.
A third bill, sponsored by Hoylman and Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D-Yonkers), would do away with the criminal and civil statutes of limitations in child sex abuse cases and provide the one-year window for victims who under current law can no longer bring a civil case.

Their bill would also eliminate the 90-day requirement from the date of the incident to notify a public entity — like a school — of their intent to sue.

The current legislative session ends June 16.

More than a third of sexual abuse victims in the United States, like the sisters, are abused by family members, according to a 2010 report to Congress presented by the federal Health and Human Services Department.
“If you are abused by a coach, a priest or a Girl Scout leader, you can hopefully come home and tell Mommy or Daddy,” Robb Farrell said. “But what happens when you are already home?”

George Robb, the oldest boy in an affluent family of eight, did not return requests for comment from the Daily News. His sisters say he would sneak into their bedrooms in the middle of the night to abuse them.

Both women say the sexual abuse they endured for years led to depression, suicidal thoughts, eating issues and other problems decades later. The sisters say they were emotionally unable to tell their parents — never mind authorities — about the abuse until many years after it stopped.

Gov. Cuomo is flanked by Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie (left) and Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan. The three are still sitting on sidelines in fight to reform child abuse laws.Gov. Cuomo is flanked by Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie (left) and Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan. The three are still sitting on sidelines in fight to reform child abuse laws. (TIM ROSKE/AP)
“You can’t say anything because you feel like you are going to destroy your family,” Robb said. “I still have a hard time talking about it because I don’t want to hurt my mother.”

Robb and Robb Farrell sued their brother in Connecticut in 2008 because they both lived there at the time and the state’s statute of limitations was more favorable to sex abuse victims than New York’s, which victim advocates say ranks among the worst in the nation. The lawsuit was dismissed after a judge ruled her court lacked jurisdiction over their brother.

The legal setback hasn’t stopped the sisters from seeking protections for children.

Robb is an official with Massachusetts Citizens for Children, a group that helped persuade Bay State lawmakers to extend the statute of limitations there from three years to 35 years. Robb Farrell is a social worker who works with children in foster care.

Despite the recurring nightmare, Robb Farrell said her sister was lucky in one respect — she was able to sleep during those years when their brother was abusing her.

“I never slept,” she said. “So I never dreamed.”

Family Betrayal: Amoral or Low self esteem. My daughter had a baby with my husband

Julie King with her daughter Leanne Taylor

Months after marrying Julie King following a whirlwind romance, Vince Bienvenu began a sordid affair – with Julie’s 25-year-old daughter Leanne Taylor.

And within weeks, Leanne ­discovered she was pregnant with her stepfather’s child.

But when Julie, 47, found out she astonishingly put her anger and heartbreak aside to forgive her daughter.

And she’s now helping to raise Leanne’s child – who is both her granddaughter and stepdaughter.

Julie says: “Vince played both Leanne and me for fools. He thought he could have his cake and eat it.

“I don’t blame Leanne for breaking up my marriage. I blame Vince. Leanne is my daughter and I’ll always love her, no matter what.”

Incredibly, that maternal love has even overcome Leanne’s total lack of remorse over the affair with her stepdad.

The single mum reveals she sought comfort in his arms after the cot death of her other eight-month-old daughter Mia.

Vince Bienvenu

She says: “I’d always held a candle for Vince, even though he’d married Mum. When Mia died, I was lost in grief.

“He started to give me the occasional hug when I was feeling low. Before long, we ended up in bed.

“I don’t blame myself and I don’t regret anything. If I hadn’t got together with Vince, I wouldn’t have Nevaeh.”

Jobless Vince, 41, was introduced to the family by Leanne’s sister in 2012.

He made a beeline for Julie, asking her out using the karaoke mic at their local pub in Blackpool.

Phone saleswoman Julie says: “I didn’t think of Vince in a romantic way at first.

“I was annoyed he’d asked me out so publicly. But the chemistry was amazing.”

Yet Leanne, who had just split with a long-term partner and was sharing a flat with her sister, was less than impressed.

She’d already had her eye on him.

“I was gutted when they got together because I’d been hoping he might have feelings for me,” she says.

Three months later, Vince and Julie were out shopping when he suggested they go to their local register office for a marriage licence.

“He had a cheeky grin on his face and I thought he was joking at first,” Julie says.

“We hadn’t been together for long, but he insisted he was serious. I guess I just got swept along with the romance of it all.

“We set a wedding date and he said we should keep it to ourselves. He liked the idea of it just being the two of us.

“I was dizzy with excitement, but I did feel a bit sad my kids wouldn’t be there to see me walk down the aisle.”

The pair married in December 2012. Two friends, sworn to secrecy, acted as witnesses.

Julie says: “It all happened so fast. Leanne was a bit emotional when I told her.

“She was annoyed we hadn’t included her in the plans.”

But that paled into insignificance one night three months later when a devastated Leanne rang from her flat to say she had found Mia dead in her cot.


“We rushed to Leanne’s side,” says Julie. “I thought my heart might break. Mia looked so peaceful, like she was just sleeping.”

Leanne, who also has a six-year-old son, adds: “I was ­devastated. If I hadn’t had my son, I’m not sure how I’d have found the strength to go on.

“Over the next few weeks, I started to open up to Vince when mum was at work. I was desperate for someone to comfort me.”

Julie says: “Christine had started to notice Leanne and Vince had become close. She told me she thought something was going on.

“She’d noticed Vince touching Leanne’s knee as they sat on the couch.

“I confronted Vince but he told me I was being ridiculous. He insisted he’d never have married me if he’d wanted Leanne. I wanted so much to believe him.”

But when Leanne came round she was unable to lie to her mother.

She says: “I blurted out that we’d been sleeping together and ran out of the room.”

Julie was crushed.

“I just couldn’t believe I had been betrayed in such an awful way,” she says.

“I was utterly heartbroken. Vince tried to wrap his arms around me, telling me he was sorry and he’d been weak.

“He begged me to take him back and, after a few days, I relented. I didn’t want to feel my marriage had failed after just a few months.

“Of course, things were very strained between Leanne and me. Vince and I went to marriage counselling.

“It was hopeless, though. The trust was gone forever and we soon split for good.”

Heartbroken Julie cut all contact with both Vince and Leanne and tried to move on.

Unknown to her, Vince had moved in with Leanne. And her daughter was about to drop another bombshell.

Leanne reveals: “Just a few days after Vince moved in, I fell pregnant. It wasn’t planned, but we were ecstatic.

“Of course, I worried how I’d tell mum. Eventually, I plucked up the courage to call her.”

Julie dropped her phone in horror.

She says: “It was too much. I was in shock for a few months but, as time went on, I realised how much I wanted to have a relationship with my unborn grandchild.

“I was prepared to build bridges with Leanne, but I told my friends she had to make the first move.

“Eventually she called and we met for a coffee. It was a bit awkward as she was still with Vince, but it was a start.”

Julie couldn’t bear to be at Leanne’s side when her daughter arrived in December 2014, but she had no idea that cracks were beginning to show between Leanne and Vince.

After a row, Leanne asked a friend to be her birthing partner.

She says: “At first, Vince had seemed really excited about becoming a dad.

“But as time went on, he became distant and seemed more interested in going out and having fun.

“We struggled on a for a few months before I broke down and told my mum it just wasn’t working.

“Now we no longer had the thrill of a secret affair, he didn’t seem bothered. I began to realise just how much he’d manipulated my mum and me.

“My mum was really understanding and told me she would help out if I wanted to split with Vince and make a fresh start. Now, we’re closer than ever.”


Julie, who aims to divorce Vince, adds: “I loved my baby but the first few months were strange as she looked so much like Vince.

“Every time I held her, I was reminded of his betrayal. Thankfully, she now looks as Leanne did at the same age.

“I was gutted by their affair but I now see he preyed on Leanne when she grieving for Mia and it makes me sick to my stomach.

“It might sound strange, but our family is closer than ever, even though Vince tried to drive a wedge between us. Neither of us will ever trust him again.”

Vince admits: “I did sleep with Leanne, yes, but we’ve moved on. I see our daughter now and then.

“Things happen and it’s dealt with.”

After 2 years battle with cancer, Devon Still dances with his leading ladies, wife Asha and six-year-old daughter Leah at his wedding that was put on hold while she (Leah) beat cancer

…three great warriors

 “There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for these two. It is my job to keep these smiles on their faces”  – Devon

Couldn’t be said better. We are proud of your devotion to your family and the example you have set.  The world is yours, go forth and conquer.

The NFL player and Joyce, both 26, said “I do” Friday night during a ceremony at the New York Public Library, almost six months after Devon’s daughter, Leah Still, 6,was declared cancer free.




“There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for these two. It is my job to keep these smiles on their faces”


Devon had originally postponed the nuptials two years ago, when Leah was first diagnosed with stage-4 neuroblastoma cancer. After a year-and-a-half battle with the disease, which Devon documented on social media (and captured the hearts of many), Leah was declared cancer-free last November. Still cancer free, Leah served as flower girl in the wedding, which was put together by The Knot as this year’s The Knot Dream Wedding. And as People reported, was gifted a custom rose-gold butterfly bracelet to mark the special event, and serve as a symbol for new beginnings for the family.


And no night for the proud papa would be complete without some words from Leah. The 6-year-old made a toast to the happy couple, and all those who supported her family throughout her cancer battle.


“And now let’s party!” she ended the toast, after giving the happy couple a hug.
Leah also shared a special dance with the bride and grooman



…congrats , you are warriors. God bless

Friday Heroine: Jasmine Warren refused to be a victim and fought back her attackers “I forgive them.”

…don’t be a victim anytime

On Saturday night, Jasmine Warren fought back against two men who attacked her and tried to steal her car at a gas station in Atlanta around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday. The two punch and drag Warren while struggling to drive off with her vehicle in an incident caught on surveillance video.

“This young man came up to me with a gun in my face, and in that very instant, I knew I wanted to do something about it,” “I wasn’t going to let him try to take my stuff from me.” – Warren .

“They were just as scared as I was. When I looked at that little boy’s eyes he was just as scared as me,” she told WXIA. “Honestly he was fumbling. It was a lot.”

Jasmine Warren 

When one of the men did point his gun at her, Warren said she was not sure what could have happened.

“As many times as he kept saying that he was going to do it, he didn’t do it. He wouldn’t do it,” Warren said. “So I don’t know if the gun was loaded, you know you never really know.”

Still, Warren said she has a message for the carjackers as police continue to search for suspects.

“I forgive them,” .

“You’re wrong for trying to rob from me,” she said. “It’s not the end of the world for you. It doesn’t mean that you can’t change and make changes in your life.” .

“It’s up to you and I’m willing to help you make those changes,” she added. “It doesn’t make you a bad person. You’ve done something bad but you can always be forgiven for it.”

Botched ‘Brazilian butt-lift’?: Dr. Osakatukei “Osak” Omulepu Florida plastic surgeon has license restricted after botching several ‘Brazilian butt-lift’ procedures

Dr. Osak Omulepu’s license was partially restricted by Florida’s Department of Health in February after four women came forward with similar accusations. He still has a limited practice despite the scandal

Crystal Heath, goes in for ‘but lift’ procedure
After mistaking the ‘belly for the but’, Dr. Osakatukei “Osak” Omulepu, leaves her with a tummy tuck, failed kidney and a 7 inch hole in her stomach

The Florida plastic surgeon has license restricted

Horribly mutilated three patients after botching their ‘Brazilian butt-lift’ procedures

Crystal Heath
, got a bad lift and not the lift she she wanted either,  from Dr. Osak Omulepu

A Miami plastic surgeon has been told to stop doing “Brazilian butt-lift” procedures after he horribly botched them in a two-day period last year, the Florida Department of Health said.
Four different women had serious complications after they were treated by Dr. Osakatukei “Osak” Omulepu in May of last year, officials said. Three of the women suffered distress after they “underwent liposuction with bilateral fat transfer to the gluteal areas,” according to the emergency order obtained by the Daily News.
Dr. Omulepu’s license has been “hereby immediately restricted from performing liposuction, liposuction with bilateral fat transfer to the buttocks, and/or any procedure using the tumescent technique in the state of Florida,” reads the order.

Spectrum-Aesthetics Center for Cosmetic Surgery
Dr. Osak Omulepu describes himself as ‘very aggressive when it comes to liposuction.’
Dr Osak Omulepu
Dr. Osak Omulepu also practises very ‘aggressive marking’

The order was signed by Florida Surgeon General John Armstrong earlier this month.
A 35-year-old woman had to be placed on a ventilator due to respiratory failure after the butt-lift procedure. Dr. Omulepu even told her family that he was “trying to figure out what he did wrong,” according to the order.
Another 35-year-old woman “experienced significant bleeding” from her incision sites after the butt-lift procedure, and a 31-year-old woman also suffered complications.
A fourth woman, 29, was found profusely bleeding in her hotel room after undergoing liposuction of her stomach, planks, abdomen, and bilateral thighs.

Dr. Osak Omulepu transfers fat from a patient’s stomach and injects it into her buttocks.
butt25n-3-web Youtube
Dr. Omulepu is now restricted from performing the butt-lift procedures after he botched some of them.
dr_osak_instagramThe Instagram account has since been set to private, but Omulepu used to upload before-and-after shots of his work, adorned with emojis.

The doctor “repeatedly failed to meet the minimum standard of care in his treatment of four patients, resulting in significant medical emergencies requiring extensive hospitalization for each patient,” the order states.
“The extreme number of violations that occurred within this two-day period, which resulted in significant and lasting patient harm, indicates that Dr. Omulepu’s conduct is likely continue. If his conduct continues, it will cause significant harm to his patients.”
In a promotional video obtained by the Miami Herald, Dr. Omulepu describes himself as “very aggressive when it comes to liposuction.” He also says in the video that “safety is a concern, always, when it comes to surgery.” He has been licensed in Florida since 2000.

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Miraculous Intervention by US Service men: 3 children thrown from burning building by mom …(must see video)

Courtesy of AFN Osan

When a building caught fire this past Friday outside of Osan Air Base, Senior Airman Jordan Thompson and a few airmen and soldiers sprang into action when they were needed the most.


A trip to a South Korea shopping district Sunday turned into a rescue for U.S. service members, who helped a family leap safely from the fourth floor of a burning building.


“We saw a lady shimmying down the side of the building and realized there was a woman holding a baby out of the window several floors up,” 1st Sgt. Melanie Scott of Grosse Ile, Mich., told DVids, a military news website. “The next thing I know we were both holding blankets to catch babies as a woman dropped them out of a window.”




The children  a 3 and 4 year-old and a 7-month-old infant – landed on blankets held up by the soldiers and airmen. Their mother, Precious Enyioko, jumped last and suffered minor injuries.

size0 (2)

On Tuesday, the family reunited with their rescuers.

“I really appreciate what happened that very day. I don’t know how I can explain my thanks,” said Prince Enyioko, the children’s father, told DVids. “Without them I don’t know what I would do – I am so grateful for the wisdom of the military men and women.”
“My wife was with the children and I was on my way home when I first saw the fire,” Enyioko said. “I tried to help my family but I couldn’t. I was so surprised to see people gathering here to rescue my family especially the military. I felt so helpless.”

Many people may think they know how to respond in an emergency situation but military training provides Soldiers and Airmen with the confidence to react when others might hesitate.

“We had no idea what could have happened. The building could have blown up next to us,” Scott said. “All I needed was to look at the Army Values. They all apply to this situation especially selfless service and courage. Those values give you everything you need to put yourself in harm’s way to help somebody else.”

size0 (3)

Enyioko said his wife, Precious, did sustain some injuries but his children ages 7 months, 3 and 4-years-old, all seem to be doing well.

“It was so difficult to drop my children,” Precious Enyioko said. “It was so dark in the room and the kids were coughing and crying. When I saw the people gathering with the blanket, I could see it was military members, I thanked my God.”

Ms. Enyioko got a chance to thank the service members personally for their quick thinking and selfless act as the Airmen and Soldiers visited her at the home of a friend in Songtan.

“The military is so wonderful. I don’t even know what I would have done that day. I am so thankful to the Lord that they are here in Korea,” Precious Enyioko said. “Today I am living and I can tell my story. Me and my husband and my kids, we are so proud of the U.S. military.”
The service members are based at Osan Air Base in South Korea.


getting the perfect Lips: Kylie Jenner’s Dr demonstrates lip surgery: Dr. Simon Ourian demonstrates Nonsurgical Lip Augmentation

Dr. Simon Ourian, the Los Angeles-based cosmetic dermatologist , has shared a short time lapse video that sees him performing a non-surgical lip augmentation at his office, the Epione Cosmetic Laser Center in Beverly Hills on what appears to be Kylie Jenner’s lips and some other patients. The video can be viewed on Dr Ourian’s Instagram page


Below are some images from the procedure


…finished product













Rescued: Rescue helicopter spotted ‘Bush Help Sign’ and North Carolina mother and daughter who went missing in New Zealand were picked up

Missing mother and daughter’s help sign spotted by rescue helicopter
Rescued after they spent four near-freezing nights in the New Zealand bush

Photo: Amalgamated Helicopters
A help sign made by missing trampers Rachel Lloyd and her mother Carolyn

The family of an American mother and daughter rescued after they spent four near-freezing nights in the New Zealand bush have thanked those involved in bringing them to safety.Carolyn Lloyd carried her starving and exhausted daughter Rachel, 22, on her back as the pair tried to escape the Tararua Forest where they got lost during a hike on Tuesday.The women strayed from the path on what was supposed to be a one-day hike.
Mrs Lloyd’s brother John Schumacher contacted the Herald from his home in the US with a message for the search and rescue team.
“My entire family wishes to express our tear-filled gratitude to all the amazing police staff, helicopter pilots, search team members, dog guides, volunteers and news teams who kept us informed and everyone else involved who worked so quickly and effectively to find – and save – my sister and niece,” he said.
“What a testament the wonderful citizens of New Zealand are to the rest of the world, of how people can work together to accomplish such noble deeds. Thank God, and thank you all.”

Carolyn Lloyd carried her starving and exhausted daughter on her back as the pair tried to escape the relentless New Zealand bush.

The pair were spotted yesterday by Amalgamated Helicopters director and chief pilot Jason Diedrichs after an extensive search of the area surrounding the Kapakapanui Track.
Searching for the women, they saw the word “help” spelled out on a river bed with rocks, punga fronds and sticks. The women, who had made another sign in a bush clearing, were nearby waving their arms.
“They were certainly keen to make their presence known. They were a little bit worse for wear, they’d been in there for four nights out in the open with very little food so they were definitely feeling the effects of that.”
Diedrichs managed to land the helicopter nearby and flew the grateful women out of the bush to waiting paramedics.
“They were physically and mentally very tired so it’s fair to say they were pretty pleased to see us.”
The Lloyds, dehydrated, starving and exhausted, were airlifted to hospital for precautionary checks. Speaking from the family’s home in Charlotte, North Carolina, Carolyn’s husband Barry Lloyd said that finding out his wife and daughter were alive was “the greatest moment of my life”.
He had spoken to them on the phone and was able to relay some of their ordeal.
“They went all the way up to the summit on that trail and on their way back they thought they were following it but [my wife] told me the orange markers turned to blue,” he said.
“They thought that maybe they just changed to blue when you went down. But then they ended – there were no markers – and it got dark.”
The pair huddled together at the base of a tree perched precariously on a steep bank or cliff, he said.
“My wife was frightened to death. She stayed awake all night and held my daughter to keep her warm. The next day when the sun came up they got up and tried to find their way out but it just kept getting worse.”
The pair came across a waterfall and stream and decided to follow it in the hopes of linking up with the path. The terrain was extremely steep, slippery and treacherous so they had to take it very slow.
“My daughter was getting weaker – she doesn’t have a lot of extra meat on her bones – and she couldn’t walk so my wife told me she was carrying her on her back, trying to walk back up the mountains.
“She had a backpack with her so she was carrying that on her front and my daughter on her back.”
By the third day it became clear that Rachel could not walk any further so her mother constructed a makeshift-camp, creating a bed out of fern fronds.
“My daughter usually eats, like, 10 times a day. She’s one of these people who can eat every two hours and just burn it off.
“But she didn’t have any fuel in her body so she couldn’t go any further.”
Carolyn also constructed a “help” sign should a helicopter pass overhead, then huddled close to her daughter for a fourth night.

Rachel Lloyd (left), 22, is a graduate of North Carolina State University and is living in New Zealand to attend Massey University. Carolyn Lloyd (right) carried her daughter on her back after she became too weak to walk.

Barry said his wife was “amazing” for her heroic efforts and said he felt “blessed” that they had been found.
“I don’t think I could have made it through another night not knowing,” he said.
His sons had flown from Chicago to be with him and they had planned to travel to New Zealand within the next 24 hours if they had not been found.
“I had just picked up a pizza and [a New Zealand police officer] called and told me that they were were alive and on their way to the hospital. It was the greatest moment of my life,” he said.

’she stole my husband’ – How US tourist lost her husband to their New Zealand Airbnb host…

A tourist has warned of the perils of Airbnb after her husband had an affair with a Kiwi host.

“He thought her a rather sad and needy woman at the time, or at least that’s what he told me. I returned home to the US a week before my husband did, and that’s when our host and my husband got to know each other better.”

A tourist has warned of the perils of Airbnb after her husband had an affair with a Kiwi host.The American woman, who asked to remain anonymous, described her husband’s affair with their Auckland host as a “twisted form of internet dating” which has ended their marriage of 30 years.
In autumn last year the woman and her husband visited Auckland, choosing an Airbnb host for the space and facilities it offered over a hotel. She could not have imagined the consequences of that decision.
“Our host was a single middle-aged woman who was unusually solicitous and intrusive during our stay, calling periodically to ask if everything was all right and even asking to come by to make sure that the cleaning ladies were doing a good job,” the woman told the Herald on Sunday
“My husband, who had arrived a few days before I did and met the host first, told me on my arrival that the host had gratuitously told him many personal details about herself and her past relationships.
“He thought her a rather sad and needy woman at the time, or at least that’s what he told me. I returned home to the US a week before my husband did, and that’s when our host and my husband got to know each other better.”
The affair was a complete shock, she said. “I thought our marriage was imperfect but solid. My husband and I are now in the midst of a divorce, and he and our Airbnb host are still in a relationship.”
She thought her story could serve as a cautionary tale for others using the service, which connects strangers in the intimate setting of the host’s home. “I believe that what happened to me through Airbnb is not uncommon.
“Despite what had happened she still loved New Zealand and was trying to be forgiving.
“But I doubt I will ever use Airbnb again because of the bad memories I have about the experience. It turned out to be a twisted form of internet dating in my case.”

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Free or Bonded? Romanian sex workers set to challenge deportation from the UK

Source: Mirror
Ready to Fight: Women from Eastern Europe are getting involved in prostitution

Romanian sex workers challenge UK immigration policy
Women targeted claim “they are legitimately self-employed”

Their fight supported by the English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP)

‘… but are these ladies trafficked and bound to pimps or are they in the UK ‘freely’ and knowingly? Depends on who’s speaking’

A policy aimed at deporting “high-harm” EU-national criminals and those not entitled to remain in Britain is to be challenged by Romanian sex workers who maintain they are self-employed.
Although freedom of movement is guaranteed within the European Union, the right to stay – after the first three months – is dependent on new arrivals “exercising their treaty rights”, for example, by working or studying.Operation Nexus, a combined police and immigration initiative involving sharing intelligence, has since 2012 been targeting foreign offenders and those suspected of breaking the law.

Photo: Alamy
Immigration enforcement vans Although freedom of movement is guaranteed within the EU, the right to stay after three months is dependent on new arrivals working or studying.

Among those detained and served with deportation papers are an increasing number of women from eastern Europe who have been working on the streets and in premises across London and Manchester. Many do not have convictions.
Prostitution is legal in the UK, although activities associated with it such as kerb-crawling, pimping and owning a brothel are crimes. Some of the women have been arrested by officers during raids intended to break up trafficking rings.
The women, mainly Romanian, have received letters from Operation Nexus officers giving them around a month’s notice that they are liable to be detained and put on a flight back to Bucharest.
EU nationals’ administrative removal on the grounds of not observing their treaty rights can be challenged by arguing that they are studying, working, seeking employment, self-employed or economically self-sufficient in the UK. If removed, EU nationals are banned from re-entering the UK for 12 months.
Several women fighting deportation are now being supported by the English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP). “There was a raid which was supposed to be saving victims from trafficking,” explained one young woman who wished to remain anonymous.

The Facilitator: Romanian pimp Meder with two of his girls.’England’s opened the gates and can’t do nothing… Buy these girls for £500 each, they will do 20 clients a day no problem’

The route from Romania to prostitution in UK

Meder living high on the proceeds of his work

With his arms draped around two pretty young women, an Eastern European Mr Big prepares to sell them off as sex slaves bound for Britain.
Adrian Meder is just one of a network of gang bosses aiming to supply girls and make millions over the EU scrapping of our border restrictions with Romania and Bulgaria.
They aim to flood the UK with ­thousands of young women sold into a sordid, nightmare life of vice.  Shortly after this picture was taken in a Romanian club, gloating Meder, 31, boasted to undercover ­investigators, posing as London pimps, that we could buy both the girls he is posing with for £500 each.
And they would be in the UK by Wednesday, working for us as hookers.
“There is no problems with them going,” he said, grinning. “Because in England they have opened the gate. They can’t do nothing to you. Romania is in Europe now.
“The girls, they have 20 clients per day, no problem. Romanian girls are good for this because it is the job that they know. They stay in school and then they can’t find work and the only solution is to go to work in other countries.
“If you are OK with them and don’t beat them they will be good. They work and they know what they do.”
By the end of the night Meder would offer our men four girls, just out of their teens, for £2,000.
He said the girls would charge punters £120 an hour but they wouldn’t know their pimp would keep £70 of that.
The giggling, starry-eyed girls know a life of prostitution awaits but can have little idea of the brutal reality that may entail. Once in the UK, the girls disappear into a black market of sleazy backstreet saunas, brothels and relentless escort agency work . Many turn to drugs in despair.

Source: Sunday Mirror

“The police took paperwork and money. I asked for a receipt. They said I was being cheeky. They wanted to know if had been trafficked and asked the client if I was taking drugs. He said no.
“They didn’t arrest me but said I should be deported and asked me to go to the police station. I went along with a lawyer and showed a letter from a course proving that I was studying English.” The threat to remove her was eventually dropped.
Maria, not her real name, was stopped on the street and taken to a police station. “I was held for 24 hours,” the 25-year-old said. “A week later I received a letter [saying I would be removed].”
Victoria, was arrested at her flat and questioned about running a brothel. “I was never charged,” the 21-year-old said, “but I was sent a letter. They have taken my passport and said that if my appeal is not successful I will be deported.
“Here you can earn money more easily than in Romania; you can have a better future. I can’t find a normal job.”
Some of the women sent removal letters are now planning to challenge them on the grounds that they are exercising their treaty rights through being self-employed in the sex industry. Previous EU law cases have established that prostitution constitutes self-employment.
Niki Adams, a spokeswoman for the ECP, said: “This deliberate policy of deportation and destitution targets immigrant women, who because of the criminalisation and stigma associated with sex work, will find it harder to defend themselves.
“All the women are mothers who went into sex work because wages in other jobs were too low to feed and clothe their children or because they faced racism from employers.”

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Curious ‘pre-marriage screening form’ posted online by woma for prospective daughter-in-law, in Kenya

… I haven’t stopped cracking up since I came across this ‘FORM’ on

30 Days 30 Minutes Day 5, Roaring Monday


I started today with a roar. Spent 45 minutes making my body very uncomfortable and sweaty today (okay, I exercised first thing this morning). It is always nice to work out first thing in a day.  That way, the excuse machine in your brain does not have a chance to talk you down or make you postpone this very important activity.

If you are just joining us welcome on-board. You can  take a quick tour on how we started here and here  Now dust off your shoes and join in the fun.


How did you fare this weekend? Part of this program is to develop the habit of incorporating  exercise into our routine and gain in the long run with healthier bodies, we’ll look good naked, move well, prevent injuries …. and of course develop discipline.

Talking about injuries, here is a video on how to strengthen your knee. It will be helpful for people who have tight knees of have hurt their knees in the past.

Suggestions for today, go for a walk (30 minutes), pump some iron  as seen in the video below, work on that core.

I cam across this beautiful article I’d like to share with  you.See below for the article

To Exercise or Not to Exercise

By Donna M. Jenkins, MHA, BHCM, RMA, CPT (SizeWize Fitness Coach)

It’s Monday morning and you awake with well thought out plans to spend some time exercising today, whether in the gym or at or around your home. However, you get a text or the phone rings or you simply wake up not feeling well and your good intentions to exercise seem like just another burden on an already busy day. This is the battle that most of us face and the question then becomes “To Exercise or Not to Exercise”?

I want to engage in some “Real Talk” with you for just a moment and give you some serious food for thought just in case this already sounds like the challenges that you may face on a regular day. What I want to bring to your attention is that this question is not as simple as it seems and the most obvious choice that we often make is an unfortunate one. We simply knock off the list the one thing that we seemingly don’t have time for, not realizing that it is the one thing that we need to make time for and that is Exercise.

Physical activity has so many clear benefits that it “Just Makes Sense”! Here are the main reasons why the question that I have posed needs to be settled in your mind. According to an article in the CDC, physical activity is one of the most important things that you can do for your health because it helps:

  • Control your weight
  • Reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • Reduce your risk of some cancers
  • Strengthen your bones and muscles
  • Improve your mental health and mood
  • Improve your ability to do daily activities and prevent falls, if you’re an older adult
  • Increase your chances of living longer

Now when put like that, the answer becomes so much clearer. It is no longer a matter of I can’t afford to spend the time and energy exercising but more like I can’t afford NOT to spend the time and energy exercising. The simple fact is that most of us don’t look at the benefits I’ve mentioned and just feel like the state of their health is their “Lot in Life.” This is so far from the truth! I’m here to tell you that by simply incorporating a minimum of 30 mins of exercise to your daily routine, you can change your life forever and improve the overall quality of it.

Make a decision today to get moving! Be sure to consult your physician before starting any new exercise program but take the necessary steps to put a plan in motion and stick with it to begin your journey to a healthier you. It doesn’t matter if you decided on it at the beginning of the year or simply been putting it off for years.



…see ya tomorrow

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Heart Warming: Thief returns cash stolen £250 from taxi driver with touching apology letter TWELVE YEARS after the crime

Taxi driver, Abubakar Lorgat, 49, had his wallet stolen in 2004 and lost a weekend’s takings. However he recently received an apology letter and five £50 notes in the post at his home

Abubakar Lorgat’s wallet was stolen in 2004 containing weekend’s takings

Had forgotten about the incident until received money and letter in the post

Taxi driver from Blackburn said the repentance warmed his heart

Thief said they were ‘really sorry’ and asked Mr Lorgat for forgiveness 


Taxi driver, Abubakar Lorgat, 49, had his wallet stolen in 2004 and lost a weekend’s takings. However he recently received an apology letter and five £50 notes in the post at his home in Blackburn, Lancashire

A thief proved it’s never too late to make amends after returning stolen money to a taxi driver 12 years later.
Abubakar Lorgat, 49, had his wallet stolen in 2004 and lost a weekend’s takings.
However, the taxi driver said he had forgotten about the incident until he received an anonymous letter of apology and five £50 notes through the post at his home in Blackburn, Lancashire.
The thief wrote: ‘I am really sorry about this and hope you find in your heart to forgive me.’
The rare act of repentance has warmed the dad-of-four’s heart and has been praised ‘as the right thing to do’ by community leaders.
The former upholsterer, known as ‘Abu’ to his friends, had just started as a taxi driver and had left his cab in Blackburn town center to catch a bus to his Little Harwood home when the incident happened.
He said: ‘I got home and found my wallet had disappeared with my license and the weekend’s takings of more than £200 in it.
‘I don’t know what happened, whether I had dropped it and it had been taken or I had been pick-pocketed.
‘My wife Amina wasn’t very pleased as it was the housekeeping money to pay the bills and put food on the table.
‘It caused a difficult few weeks.’
Mr Lorgat said he was shocked to discover the envelope also contained five crisp £50 notes as well as the note.
The anonymous note read: ‘I inadvertently stole from you approximately 10 to 15 years ago.



‘I am really sorry about this and hope you find in your heart to forgive me.
‘I enclose some money to cover the money stolen from you.’
The taxi driver said: ‘I was really surprised to get the money back after all these years.
‘It warms your heart that someone can do wrong and then years later put it right.
‘I wish more people would do the same.’
Mr Lorgat plans to put the money towards his annual trip to see his elderly parents in Gujarat in India, make some donations to the local poor there and buy some treats for his children.
Abdul Hamid Qureshi, chairman of Lancashire Council of Mosques, said: ‘This is a rare, good and heartwarming thing.

‘We don’t know why he or she did it.
‘They may have been desperate but it was the right thing to do return the money, even after all this time.’
Dean of Blackburn, the Very Reverend Christopher Armstrong, said: ‘This is a lovely story which confirms your faith in people’s humanity. ‘It warms ones heart to see someone who did something wrong and who obviously had a guilty conscience repent and put it right. Mr Lorgat said he holds no hostility towards the thief and forgives the act.
He said: ‘I can assure the person who took it the money it will not be wasted.
‘I forgive him or her and it was very thoughtful.
‘They must have found my license in the black leather wallet and then checked my address.
‘It was lucky that I hadn’t moved or that there was enough detail in the wallet to find me.
‘It was a bit of a shock but my wife was very pleased.


The incident took place when Mr Lorgat left his taxi in Blackburn town centre (pictured) to get a bus to his home in Little Harwood

‘It restores your faith in human nature.’ Inspector Abid Khan, of Blackburn police, said: ‘This is very rare, but heart-warming. ‘It is good to see someone putting right what they did wrong. ‘He or she probably committed an offence but it was a long time ago and it has since been rectified.
‘Not many people do this but it would nice if more people did.’
Cllr Pat McFall, who represents Little Harwood, said: ‘It’s good see someone responding to their conscience after all these years. It warms the heart.’


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