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Curvy and Fit! Plus-size model Tabria Majors, shows off her 230lb body in a NUDE shoot – Shoots down perception she doesn’t work out or maintain a healthy lifestyle ‘because she is bigger’

Fighting persistent negative perception of fitness for  full bodied women
Plus-size model shows off her 230lb body in a NUDE shoot as she slams the perception that she’s not fit,  doesn’t work out or maintain a healthy lifestyle ‘because she is bigger’
Tabria Majors, 29, bared all for a spread featured in Women’s Health to debunk negative stereotypes of plus size women
Majors describes the experience of people on set often assuming she doesn’t work out or eats unhealthy foods because of her size 
Though she does high-intensity interval training and lifts weights, she said she is usually told to walk at activewear shoots instead of working up a sweat
Tabria is advocating that plus-size models to get the same opportunities as straight-size models

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Stand by me!!: Watch- Karen Gibson and the Kingdom Choir and all levels of wedding cuteness #HarryandMeghan

The Kingdom Choir “is a collective of outstanding singers drawn from various denominations in the South East area of England. They are a unique group of dedicated men and women, who blend Choral discipline with the raw Gospel spiritual sound – drawn from an inner experience.” –  Matters Musical 


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College pledges caught in sex scandal! Sorority adviser at Georgia college under investigation, accused of running sex ring, pimping out fresh pledges to local big wigs

Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority at Georgia’s Fort Valley State University has suspended after allegations of a sex trafficking surfaced
The Greek sorority is under investigation after being accused of running a SEX ring and pimping out its pledges to local politicians and businessmen
The allegations are based around claims the sorority’s newest members were shepherded into a prostitution ring, in order to pay for pledging
Patrons allegedly include politicians and businessman
Alecia Johnson, an executive assistant at the university and a AKA sorority advisor, is under investigation for allegedly pimping out the pledges
AKA pledges are often required to pay initiation fees and monthly or yearly dues which is up to $2,500
Johnson denied allegations through her attorney who says client is ‘not a pimp’ and completely innocent
Alecia Johnson 1
Alecia Johnson [photo], executive assistant to the school president  and AKA chapter advisor, is under investigation for allegedly pimping out the sorority’s newest pledges

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 Isabelle Lagacé, jailed 4 years for smuggling cocaine worth $31 Million into Australia on a cruise ship that sailed from Europe

Porn star Isabelle Lagacé pled guilty to smuggling cocaine worth $31million into Australia on a cruise ship that set sail from the UK, in Dec 

Bikini-clad ‘drug mule’ Lagacé, was accused of smuggling 95kg of cocaine into Australia on cruise ship 

Globe trotting  Model Isabelle Lagacé , admitted she tried to smuggle 30kg of the class A drug on a cruise ship that set off from Britain

Canadian born Lagacé and Mélina Roberge, 23, travelled round the world while allegedly carrying “commercial quantities” of the Class A drug before being detained in Sydney

The two Quebec ‘Sugar babies’  chronicled their fabulous odyssey on social media

After her arrest images of Lagacé on porn website, Flashy Babes emerged 

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Serena Williams speaks candidly on love and pregnancy as she bares all for Vanity Fair

It took six tests to convince her she’s pregnant 


A non-morning person dragged off to breakfast in Rome and a hung over guy seeking the solace of early morning coffee and the quietude of working alfresco is what it took.
Neither had met the other before, knew nothing of each other’s craft, nor particularly cared, yet cupid struck the unsuspecting pair of Serena Williams and Alex Ohanian two years ago, poolside at breakfast in the Cavalieri hotel, Rome.
Fast forward from that chance meeting early in the morning on May 12, 2015.
The pair are definitely an item, engaged to be married later in the year and expecting their first child.

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$30 million cocaine bust on’Instagram stars’: Isabelle Lagacé, 28, and Melina Roberge, 22 of Quebecc Canada, got busted at the end of dream cruise in Australia

Isabelle Lagacé, and Melina Roberge and , André Tamine, chahave been charged with smuggling $30.5 M in cocaine on a luxury cruise ship all the way to Sidney, Australia

This luxury trip at $20, 000 a pop,  was over two months in the making, with documented stops in New York, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Tahiti and many more stops featuring beautiful selfies in various spots around the world, cuminatedd inthe nightmare of  being arrested for possesion of $30.5 million  worth of cocaine  in their suit cases.

It was a  dream cruise on MS Sea Princess, across world face possible life sentences in prison in Australia

Pictures of Melina Roberge and Isabelle Lagace taking in exotic sights during a two-month cruise were posted on Instagram throughout their trip.
But when they touched down in Sydney, Australia, authorities uncovered one of Australia’s largest drug busts ever.
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This was the last stop in a long voyage, after nearly two months of crossing the oceans, into the armms of border agents, the Australian Federal Police.

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The authorities were ttipped off by interrrnational security agencise, including the Canadian Border Service Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security leading them to focus on this specific ship.

coconut waterr detox

Pictures show them taking part in a range of activities from drinking coconuts on the beach to riding quad bikes through the desert while on the $20,000 (U.S$15,000) cruise.
Roberge’s Instagram account is flooding with images of the young woman wearing little more than a bikini, in exotic locations such as Ecuador and Peru.
In Peru the 22-year-old went hiking, posed for photographs with local children and also tried her hand at quad-biking, with one image showing her standing atop a bike.
‘Traveling is one thing … But traveling with an open mind, ready to taste everything, see everything, learn everything and get yourself out of your comfort zone .. Is probably the best therapy and lesson ever,’ she wrote alongside an image taken in Chile.

melinarPhoto: Insatgram @melinar

Isabelle and Melina left detailed record of their journey on social media.  The three suspects were identified by the border agency as “high-risk travellers.” The investigators have not determined if they were also working independent of the man who was also arrested.

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In a press conference, Australian Border Services said,  “The maximum sentence for this charge is life in prison,” and made reference to an international drug syndicate that is still subject to investigation and could lead to other arrests.


Expanding horizons and expiriences

‘I used to be afraid to get out of my little town and now I feel like I don’t want to see that little town anymore cause it’s beautiful out there and it’s sooo worth it,’ the caption read.
Similarly, Lagacé’s Facebook and Instagram feature dozens of bikini-clad travel photos, the most recent of which was taken in Tahiti with the caption: ‘Collect moments, not things’.

Lagacé in a rock pond

Roberge atop a mountain in Ecuador

The pair also stopped off at the capital of French Polynesia, Papeete, during their round-the-world trip, where Roberge got a tattoo, which ‘means the protection of the traveler’.The trio allegedly had 95kg of cocaine, which was allegedly found by sniffer dogs and police in their suitcases
After Roberge, Lagacé and Tamine were arrested on Sunday, ABF Regional Commander Tim Fitzgerald said the drug bust was the nation’s largest ever narcotics bust through passenger transportation.
‘This is the biggest seizure of narcotics through a passenger stream, so either through the airport or cruise ships, this 95kg of cocaine is the largest seizure we’ve seen in Australia,’ Fitzgerald told AAP.

cocaine-mug-shot Photo: Australian Boarder Force

Investigators are trying to determine through which port the drugs were brought onto the ship. The three accused got on the ship in England in early July, but the cruise later travelled to several ports in North America, the Caribbean and South America — notably Colombia and Peru, two countries known for cocaine production

Cocaine is notoriously expensive in Australia, around five times more expensive than it is in Canada, and seizures of the drug at the border have spiked in recent years.




My ‘drink’ was spiked:  Isabelle Graham, ‘devout Christian’ teacher caught with 17-year-old student lover – Hotel photo emerges

Photo on social media shows  28-year-old scool teacher, Isabelle Graham, in a cheap hotel room with 17-year-old student, with whom she allgedly had sex

Graham, a devout Christian,  ends up in the room after the boy’s prom night in Edinburgh, Scotland

Graham reportedly, spent three hours alone with pupil, drinking, sharing a bed and ‘repeatedly engaged in sexual activity

Another boy, rooming with her alleged lover for prom, takes photos

Graham insists her drink was ‘spiked’… has no recollection of events

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Charged with engaging in sexual activity with minor in her care whilst in a position of trust

Judged unfit to teach and barred from profession, now lives abroad with trainee-clergyman husband

Mrs Graham in bed with her 17-year-old pupil at doorway1
Photo of a woman in bed and a teenager in the doorway set off the sex scandal investigation

Isabelle Graham Andrew Wilkie4.png

Newly married: sabelle Graham with husband, Andrew Wilkie

A teacher-student sex scandal erupted shortly after the prom night at Whitburn Academy, West Lothian, Scotland in June 2014.  A photo was posted on social media which showed a blonde woman in bed and the boy involved in the case standing by the door with a bottle n his hand.

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The picture was introduced this week, during hearings on the matter by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS). The picture appears to show a teacher in bed on the night she is accused of a prom night affair with a pupil in a Travelodge as he stands at the door clutching a bottle of wine.
Married school teacher,  Isabelle Graham, 28,  is accused of sleeping with a 17-year-old pupil after downing four glasses of wine. But the devout Christian told a hearing, “I’m the victim” and says her drink must have been spiked and she had no recollection of events.

Isabelle Graham2.pngIsabelle Graham

It’s claimed the devout Christian and the student were alone for three hours after prom night in Edinburgh city centre. The pair it is  alleged, spent three hours alone,drinking, sharing a bed and ‘repeatedly engaged in sexual activity

Another boy who was supposed to be sharing the Travelodge room with the boy claims he came back several times to find her there. He took a photograph which allegedly shows the teacher lying on the bed while the teenager stood in the doorway.
A probe was launched when senior staff of the scool, Whitburn Academy, West Lothian, who became aware of the piccture circulating on social media. Describing the snap at a General Teaching Council for Scotland hearing yesterday, council investigator Fraser Thomson said: “You can see there what appears to be a lady in the bed there.
The colour of the picture showed the lady with long blonde hair.”
Isabelle Graham  Andrew Wilkie wedding1.png
Wedding day: Former teacher, Isabelle Graham and husband, Andrew Wilkie

Isabelle Graham Andrew Wilkie2Isabelle Graham claimed she was a practising Christian, a victim and had no recollection of events. Her trainee-clergyman husband Andrew Wilkie , beleived in her and represented her at the hearing

Miss Graham claims her drink was spiked on the night out in June 2014 and that she was a practising Christian who was waiting until she was married before having sex.

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She provided a statement which claimed she had been the “victim” and had no recollection of events.Referring to the photo, she said: “The person in the bed is clearly not in control of the situation.”
She claimed that her first recollection since the night was ‘when she woke up in her flat at about 5am’.
The GTCS case presenter, Carla Roth,  addressed the panel on the seriousness of the charges.
She said Mrs Graham’s actions had a ‘public nature’, having happened around pupils and with the image shared on social media. Mrs Graham’s actions left pupils ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘somewhat shocked’  Roth told the panel: ‘You would have to question what sort of role model was provided in this instance.’

Isabelle Graham Travelodge.png

Sex scandal scene: The student and teacher Isabella allegely ‘shacked up’ for 3 hours after prom night in the lodge


Isabelle Graham Andrew Wilkie3.png

 Isabella Graham claims her drink was spiked on the night out in June 2014 and she had no recollection of events

Refuting Graham’s claim that her drink had been spiked, Ms Roth said this ‘is essentially no more than a speculation.’ Adding, ‘We simply have no evidence of exactly why she may have had a memory loss.’

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Mrs Graham was ‘only willing to consider one version of events’, said Ms Roth, that her drink had been spiked rather than that she had drunk too much.
‘She cannot be said to have shown any insight into her conduct,’ declared the lawyer.
Her husband Andrew Wilkie, who is training to become a clergyman, acted as her representative at the hearing. In a statement to the panel, he said: “In all the time I have known her, Miss Graham has always put her Christian faith above all other things.
Graham’s defense was rejected by the GTCS. The former teacher at Whitburn Academy, West Lothian, was judged unfit to teach and barred from the profession by the GTCS disciplinary panel.
Isabella Graham, who taught French at Whitburn Academy, West Lothian at the time of the incident has now moved abroad with her husband Andrew Wilkie

Blood sport: 12-year-old girl shoots majestic wild animals for fun – promises to continue this fun ‘activity’

Giraffe-girl (5)
Aryanna Gourdin with a Wilderbeast

Serial trophy hunter Aryanna Gourdin’s Facebook page is quite interesting. She has a string of kills to her name and shares the images of each one on her Facebook page

Trophy hunter Aryanna Gourdin poses proudly alongside a majestic giraffe she has just gunned down in a picture

The 12-year-old, has a string of kills to her name, vows  never to give up shooting wild beasts and has churned out the crazy claim that blood sports like this is a conservation measure that stops the decline in big game numbers.

Aryanna shares the images of her kills on her Facebook page complete with captions bragging about the deaths.

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But Aryanna, who has been on several hunting trips with her dad, Eli, said: “I’m a hunter and no matter what people say to me I’m never going to stop.

“It’s something that I cherish and I enjoy and I want other people to see what I’ve been able to ­experience. I want other women and youth to get into the hunting experiences. It’s just awesome.

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“We love animals too. It’s just, we also love hunting. I would never back down from hunting.”

Giraffe-girl (1)Giraffe-girl (2)Giraffe-girl (3)

 $2.1 jewelry theft: Scott Mitchell, 45, releases footage of Mary Hunt, 29, ‘beating herself up’ she accused him of attacking her in bitter legal row – Mary and parents is charged with  steaaling jewelry worth $2.1 million

mary mary

Millionaire businessman Scott Patrick Mitchell alleges his jilted fiancee Mary Hunt boosted $2.1 million jewelry from his safe at his

Palm Harbor, FL home

Hunted, 30, acccused Mitchell of domestic battery, leaving her covered in bruises and and a black eye

45-year-old Mitchell has released the footage of Mary Hunt hitting herself, evidence her injuries were self-inflicted

Mitchell called off the engagement to a furious Hunt last summer 

Hunt charged with grand theft, October, 2015 

Suit seeks to recover $4million in stolen items plus damages


Millionaire businessman Scott Mitchell, has released video of his former fiancee hitting herself in the face during a temper tantrum to rubbish claims he abused her. Scott Mitchell, 45, has released the footage of Mary Hunt, 30, supposedly beating herself up as part of a tense legal battle.
According to Hunt, the pair  met on in October 2013, and she was swept off her feet. She claims Mitchell showed her bank balances totaling more than $150 million and insisted that she quit her job, she said. She was a medical sales rep, selling coronary devices for Boston Scientific.
He proposed in December 2013, she said, and she moved in with him the next month. They were supposed to be married last summer, but mitchell called off the engagement.

 Mitchell and Hunt4.png

Scott Mitchell, has released video showing ex- fiancee Mary Hunt, hitting herself in the head, in response to claims of battery

The bad blood between them began after their nasty breakup. Mitchell accused Hunt of stealing millions of dollars worth of  diamonds, jewels and gold from his home safe. Mary said he set her up.
The Tampa Bay, Florida based Mitchell  alleges that Hunt stole $2.1million worth of jewelry from the safe in his sprawling mansion when they split last summer. Last summer, Mitchell, 45, reported the loss of 99 three-diamond necklaces, 147 gold rings, 172 diamonds and other jewelry after he and Hunt broke up.

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He sued her in two jurisdictions, the Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Court and in the U.S. District Court in Tampa, for grand theft, naming her parents Linda and Michael Hunt as co-respondents in a $6 million lawsuit in which Mitchell seeks treble damages.
Hunt, 30, initially invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.
She has now opened up. In a 32-page federal court affidavit, she describes Mitchell as an abusive boyfriend who made false accusations when he didn’t get his way.
“We had a tumultuous relationship and Mitchell was never truly satisfied with me because he could not control me,” she said, alleging that he vacillated between being “lovey dovey” and threatening.
She accused him of editing his security video to set her up, withholding camera angles that might have exculpated her. Speaking through her attorney Barry Cohen, Hunt says Mitchell cooked up the story to get back at her, after she left him. They have asked a federal judge to delay trial in the lawsuit for a complete airing of facts.
Mitchell’s attorney, Todd Foster, says the new clip is evidence the injuries were self-inflicted.
In the recently released security footage, Hunt is seen screaming on the bed during a temper tantrum. His lawyer claims this shows injuries she claims were from Mitchell’s violence were actually self-inflicted

Mitchell has accused ex-fiancee Mary Hunt (right) of stealing $2.1million worth of jewelry from his safe when they broke up last summer

Foster in an interview said: ‘The explanation for the black eye is now very different.
‘There is no evidence that he ever beat her,’ he added. ‘This video now demonstrates that she is striking herself in the same area of the face and head that they allege Scott struck her.’
On her part, Hunt has claimed Mitchell was violent towards her, giving her black eyes and bruises, before he broke off the wedding in August.
Her legal team have now hired a forensic expert who used to work for the FBI to look into more footage as their legal battle heats up.

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Mary told police the same thing.  “I’ve never seen a vault room or a safe room or went near it and he has camera’s 24/7 in his home so if I was anywhere near it the cameras would have me on it.”But Mary does have Scott on cell phone video kicking her out of his home, tearing up her clothes, and even charging at her.
“You’re being violent; stop!” Mary is heard saying on the cell phone video.

But what are the merits of  Scott’s federal case against his ex?
Mary told police their tumultuous relationship was filled with abuse, manipulation, and false accusations.
“He’s accused me of a lot of things. It’s a way he controls me,” said Mary.
Hunt has spoken out about the alleged abuse in the past. She told the TV station in June: ‘There were so many times when I wanted to give up, but I couldn’t do it anymore and I think about how much he would have wanted this.’
Court records also show it’s not the first time Mitchell has made inflammatory claims resulting in a lawsuit.  He once created a blog accusing a former business associate and his wife of having sex parties and running a prostitution ring from their home. The case was quietly settled.

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In his lawsuit Mitchell claims her parents helped Linda hide the high-end jewels after she was sent packing. Ssurveillance footage shows Hunt and her mother mailing a package at a UPS store in Florida on August 11.
They told the clerk they were trying to send a laptop and antique plate, and were hoping to insure the package for the maximum $50,000. When they were told the insurance cost, they then dropped coverage to $3,000, the paper reports.
Mitchell provides a recording he claims, of a phone call a drunk Michael Hunt made tio his home. During the conversation he said Michael Hunt told him that UPS had delivered a box of jewels to his home on Pirates Point, Virginia. In a recording, Hunt says: ‘These are bracelets, these are diamonds, they’re every … thing.’

Mitchell has said the jewelry was stolen from the safe inside his sprawling Florida home.

At that point, the millionaire said he checked his safe room and realized his jewels and gold, which he said he had bought from struggling jewelers during the recession in 2008, were missing.
Mr Hunt later told officers that he knew nothing about a package and he had been drunk for several days when he made the call.
Police searching his home later uncovered an empty UPS box addressed to M Hunt. Mitchell, CEO of salon products company Simply Organic, was in a relationship with Mary Hunt for two years.
He claimed he paid for everything, including her mortgage, credit card debt, health insurance and even let her drive his 2015 Mercedes Benz.
The businessman even gave her the combination to his safe room, he claims.
Hunt was charged with grand theft in October. The lawsuit is claiming costs to recover the stolen items plus damages for a total of $4million.

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The bad blood between them began after their nasty breakup. Mitchell accused Hunt of stealing millions of dollars worth of  diamonds, jewels and gold from his home safe. Mary said he set her up.Hunt had described some of the alleged abuse in an interview she granted to FOX 13 in June:
“There were so many times when I wanted to give up, but I couldn’t do it anymore and I think about how much he would have wanted this,” explained a tearful Mary Hunt.
Mitchell’s attorney, Todd Foster said the newly-released video of Hunt is telling.
“The explanation for the black eye is now very different,” Foster said, referring to a black eye Hunt claimed was given to her by an abusive Mitchell.
But Foster says the bumps and bruises were self-inflicted.
“There is no evidence that he ever beat her,” said Foster. “This video now demonstrates that she is striking herself in the same area of the face and head that they allege Scott struck her.”

Foster also went after a video expert hired by Mary Hunt’s defense team. Stephen Coleman worked for United States Forensics and analyzed home surveillance video that may show Mary Hunt removing items from the home.
Hunt’s attorney Coleman, believes the video may have been altered or tampered with, but can’t be sure because he never received the original video.
After the emergence video of Scott Mitchell having a meltdown. Now there’s video of Mary Hunt having one, too.
Hunt was charged with grand theft in October. The lawsuit is claiming costs to recover the stolen items plus damages for a total of $4million. A date for the trial has not been set.

Kung Fu Fighting Nuns: Buddhist nuns in Nepal showcase top notch martial arts moves

The Druk Amitabha Mountain nunnery teaches women how to punch, kick and hand chop

Nepalese Buddhists spend two hours a day honing their fighting skills

Members of 800-year-old monastic order in the Kathmandu, Nepal, train members in the art of kung fu

Kung Fu Buddhists nuns7.jpgFemale Buddhists at the Druk Amitabha Mountain nunnery have become experts int the ancient defensive of martial art of kung fu

THEY’RE usually renowned for being a quiet, calming influence on the local community but these Nepalese nuns are anything but. A group of female Buddhists at the Druk Amitabha Mountain nunnery have becomeWomen in the monastic system were only allowed to do menial domestic tasks, such as working in the kitchen or tending to the garden, until a rebellion was held 26 years ago.
Druk Amitabha Mountain nunnery order demanded that women be treated with the same respect as men.
His Holiness The Gyalwang Drukpa, leader of the Buddhist sect, said: “When I was very small, I was already thinking that it was not right to suppress women in our society.

Kung Fu nuns at the Druk Gawa Khilwa Buddhist Nunnery, Druk Amitabha Mountain, Ramkot, near Kathmandu, Nepal
The women put in hours daily, perfecting their art

The nunnery founder his Holiness Jigme Pema Wangchen, the present Gyalwang Drukpa instigated Shaolin Kung Fu training for his nuns in 2008 after a visit to Vietnam in the same year where he witnessed Vietnamese nuns practicing the martial art. He was told that it helped the Vietnamese nuns concentrate better and made them more self-reliant and recalling how some of his nuns at the Khilwa nunnery were fearful of travelling down from the mountain alone he decided to incorporate defensive Kung Fu training at his own nunnery. 200 nuns are taught ranging in age from 12 to 25 and there are currently 3 sessions a day starting in the early morning. The Kung Fu training has energised the nuns and made them fitter, more self confident and alert.

The nunnery is no different to any other large house in KathmanduThe nunnery in Kathmandu, Nepal
They learn how to punch, kick and hand chop during their lessonsThey learn the fighting kills how to perfecting punching, kicking and hand chopping  during their lessons

“But then when I grew up, I started to think what can I do for them?
“Then I thought what I can do is to build a nunnery and then give them an opportunity to study and practice spiritually.”
Chores at the hillside nunnery just outside Kathmandu are now split equally, and women get to lead prayers, practice meditation, take English lessons and classes in managerial skills.

The nuns don burgundy jumpsuits complete with bright orange waistbandsThe nuns says martial arts helps their meditation
Buddhists showcase their martial arts moves, which they spend two hours a day perfectingIn 2008 the Gyalwang Drukpa decided to introduce martial arts into the nunnery, after seeing women from Vietnam receiving combat training that was previously used by Viet Cong guerrillas.
Every day the nuns put on their burgundy jumpsuits and take part in intense training sessions complete with hand chops, punches, high kicks and exaggerated kicks.
“It’s good for our health. Meditation is very difficult and if we do kung fu, then afterwards meditation becomes much easier,” according to Rupa a16-year-old nun.

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo - Buddist Holy fatherNunnery founder his Holiness Jigme Pema Wangchen, the present Gyalwang Drukpa instigated Shaolin Kung Fu training for his nuns in 2008 after a visit to Vietnam in the same year where he witnessed Vietnamese nuns practicing the martial art.

Buddhist nun Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo added: “It’s excellent exercise, secondly it’s very good for discipline and concentration, thirdly it arouses a sense of self-confidence which is very important for nuns, and fourthly when any young men in the area know nuns are kung fu experts, they keep away.”
The progressive views of the the Gyalwang Drukpa have boosted the number of young women who want to become nuns.
Jetsunma continued: “Many of them say, wow, if I become a nun I can study, I can practise, I can do these rituals, I can live together with all these other lovely nuns and lamas will visit us and give us teaching.”
The kung fu nuns get to experience things other Nepalese cannot.
“His Holiness wants the nuns to be like the men, with the same rights in the world,” 18-year-old Jigme Konchok Lhamo told AFP.
“That is why we get the chance to do everything, not just kung fu.

Kung Fu nuns at the Druk Gawa Khilwa Buddhist Nunnery, Druk Amitabha Mountain, Ramkot, near Kathmandu, Nepal16-year-old Nun, Jigme Zeki Lhamo  practicing Kung Fu at the Druk Gawa Khilwa Buddhist Nunnery, Ramkot, near Kathmandu, Nepal.

“We also have the chance here to learn many things, like tennis and skating.
“And we have the chance also to learn English and Tibetan, dancing and musical instruments.”
Gyalwang Drukpa said promoting gender equality helps “give me great encouragement to work harder and live longer.


Queen ‘Cougar’, Juney Smith says she’s dated more than 250 toy boys – addicted to younger men 

I’ve dated more than 250 toyboys’: UK’s cougar queen reveals why she’s addicted to younger men including, teens lads [as young as] 18″

 Juney Smith, 52-year-old woman, never married or had children proudly claims being UK’s top cougar

“I have always dated younger but really focused on it from the age of 30”
“I haven’t looked back since. I tried dating men my own age but they are boring, bad in bed and frankly not eager to please”

She’s considering writing a ‘how to manual on being a cougar’, or running seminars for older women, says many ladies would like to but are scared to date young men

June Smit2.jpg
June Smith, 52,  proudly lays claim to being UK’s top cougar queen

A 52-year-old British woman who has never married or had children has laid claim to being the UK’s top cougar and proudly so. Businesswoman Juney Smith has dated more than 250 younger men since she turned 30 and professes a love of younger men. She said: “The guys I date range in age from 18 to 45,” “I meet them at clubs, out grocery shopping, at art galleries, at service stations, and it is always the young guy who hits on me.”
Juney,  says it keeps her young and that men her age or older either can’t offer what young men can or have no idea how to ‘date properly’.
For her it’s not a new phase as she explained: “I have always dated younger but really focused on it from the age of 30. Among the guys I’ve gone out with were teens lads aged 18 to 20.
“I haven’t looked back since. I tried dating men my own age but they are boring, bad in bed and frankly not eager to please.”
Sometimes, she said they older men are hampered by the experiences of their past lives
” after a divorce they return to the dating scene and simply are out of their depth. They have missed out on a generation of dating changes”.

juney smith17.pngJuney has dated more than 250 toyboys

Quickly dismissing any notions of this being about unbridled sex, she says “To be clear dating 250 plus men doesn’t mean I have slept with them all. Some I’ve had coffee with, some just drinks, others we’ve gone to a party.
“I have slept with some and some I have had a longer relationship with,” said Juney, who in her spare time is preparing for an amateur comedy theatre production.
She added: “I enjoy dating in all its forms and I am definitely not a slut which is what people automatically assume comes with the word cougar.

June Smith13.jpg
Juney says she has an addiction for younger man since her late 20’s

“I am ‘sex positive’. That means I feel sexy, like to look good and enjoy sex with the right man and am not afraid to talk about it.
“I enjoy sex but before that I have to date. I consider my approach to men very American.
“By this I mean accepting invitations for dinner and outings with up to three to four men, separately of course, over a week.
Juney who is currently appearing in comedy theatre production says “You don’t just date one guy until you decide to become ‘exclusive’.”

June Smit11.jpg
June Smith sizzling on a night out with one of her young dates

Juney first picked up her love of younger men early in her adult life, actually since her twnnties and she admits that dating men who are younger than her is an obsession and addiction. She said: “They make me feel young, I have fun with them, and they keep me on my toes,”  she says.
“They know how to enjoy life and what many women might find surprising is that young men are extremely sexually adept and if not they’re eager to take direction”.

June Smit7.jpg

Juney says men often mistake her for between 30 and 35 years old.

The secret to looking good and maintaining her trim size 12 figure bis eating healthy and working out 3-4 times a week. Juney says men often mistake her for between 30 and 35 years old.
“Most of the men I date admire my sense of fun, style and the fact I am not after marriage and kids. When you’re a cougar you need to date younger guys who know the rules from the start.
“The main one is the relationship won’t be long term but we will enjoy each other’s company and a lot of the time doesn’t involve sex.”


1. Avoid the one night date guys
2. Don’t fall for cheesy chat up lines
3. If they’re bad in bed tell them and help them improve
4. Let them pay for dates then offer to pay
5. Have shared interests. Date a teen interested in what you are interested in
6. Be prepare for your mates to be jealous
7. Let the relationship evolve – if you want a long term relationship ensure you make that clear early on
8. Try dating websites first and check the profiles to work out gold-digger from serious contenders
9. You may get some odd looks but feel empowered by them – people will be wondering your secret
10. Remain in control and remember the teens with you because of the person you are age doesn’t matter

“I meet then at clubs, out grocery shopping, at art galleries, at service stations and am young at heart.”
“However, even if you are an intellectual older woman then there is always a younger man for you.”
Juney says she also meets the ‘boys’ on girl’s nights out when she and her single and married friends go to a meal and dancing. She adds: “I am a firm believer if you put out a friendly vibe that vibe will be felt. I do some Internet dating but I meet men via work and parties, clubbing and even waiting for a train.
“I am fun loving woman and if that means I am Cougar Queen then it makes me proud because I can hopefully share my expertise with men and women.”

June Smit6.jpg
Juney is still turning heads at 52

She says many people she grew up with have difficulty understanding her decision not to get married and have children: “It’s the non-traditional route and you have to be super confident this is what you want,” she explains.
She is sick of women being labelled cradle snatchers for dating younger, conversely, men men who date younger women are hailed as heroes. It should be a matter of personal choice she says: “For me age is just a number. I wold be bored senseless with a man my age. I haven’t ruled out dating men my age or older but the problem is they don’t know how to party, to date and often come with so much baggage it means their moves in and outside the bedroom are way behind the times.”


Juney’s advice for older women, “After a hard day at the office or a stressful week a fun date and dancing is just what the doctor ordered.” 

Juney who is considering writing a ‘how to manual on being a cougar ’ or running seminars for older women says many ladies she knows are scared to date ‘young’.
She said: “They’re worried about labels and what people think. For me that’s rubbish. I have tried and tested fashion looks for clubbing, partying, having coffee and diner that takes years off you and makes you look younger and ready for fun.
“After a hard day at the office or a stressful week a fun date and dancing is just what the doctor ordered for my mates.”
“It’s a shame so many women in their 40’s and older are too scared to date younger men.

June Smith8.jpg

Queen cougar chilling out on vacation

“So many women who find themselves divorced in their 40’s and 50’s have to sit back and watch while their ex-husbands marry a new younger wife and they are left desperately bumbling around trying to date an older man.”
“I tell these women: ‘Don’t look for a long term relationship – have a giggle and some fun and surprise yourself and date a younger man. You don’t have to sleep with them or even kiss them but have some fun and you’ll realise you are good looking and shouldn’t be dismissed’.”The cougar Queen also says older men should take lessons in dating. “There is a definite hole in the market there should be a course for older men on how to date, what to talk about and what women expect.”

June Smit4.jpg
The young, twenty-something  June Smith

The skill she says, lies in being able to seperate the worthwhile potential dates from pretenders.  For the part time actress, an older woman on the dating scene needs to learn to spot the toyboys who want a one-night stand so they can brag to their mates or get the ‘older woman experience’.
She separates them from young guys who have older heads on their shoulders who want to spend time with her and enjoy conversation before sex comes up.
She said: “They’re the ones I like.” “If a young guy comes up to me ‘giving it all that’ with a cheesy chat-up line I ignore them but if they come up and start a conversation I give them a chance.”

June Smith9

The stunner, June Smith already developed a taste for younger men, growing up
June Smit12.jpg
Juney, the sultry ‘experienced’ seductress

“For older women who want to date younger guys I say beware the lads who want someone to practise their love skills on, ones who are after a ‘sugar mummy’ or guys who want a ‘quick leg over’.
“Even if you lack confidence don’t fall for flattery straight off. Don’t jump into bed the first chance they offer and ensure they do the work.
“A lot of the young men I’ve had relationships are quite sexually experienced. They’ve told me they read women’s magazines, study what women want and put effort into foreplay.
“If you give them a suggestion they don’t get moody like an older bloke, they take it on board,” she explains.

June Smit3.jpg

‘Super fun, drunken nights out, younger men know how to turn it on’

Surprisingly, Juney claims it’s teen girls that make many teen guys turn to older women.
She said: “So many guys have told me all women their age are interested in is how they look, what someone’s wearing and their weight.
“They also claim young girls are so desperate to get a boyfriend they ‘drop their knickers’ too easily and are not great in bed.”

June Smit10.jpg
Queen of the Cougers, June Smith dining out ‘young’
juney smith21.png‘Fun’ night a night out with a younger man

Juney added: “Ignore those silly teenage girls threatening you. Don’t be frightened. There is nothing wrong with dating a teen.”
“Women like Demi Moore have made it cool to date and marry younger guys and, ironically, teen women seen with older blokes are labelled golddiggers whereas an older woman with a younger bloke is given the thumbs-up.
“Anyone who thinks it’s taboo to date young and be ‘sex positive’ needs their head read.
“These young men know what they’re getting into and do it because they want to and because girls their own age are not providing what they want.”
Juney says she plans to continue dating unless she finds a man to settle down with.
“I never say never. I don’t regret my decision not to have children and am happy with my life.
“And I hope ladies over 50 will give the younger dating scene a try.”

Must Watch -quite fun:  Michelle Obama Sings Karaoke on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke


President Barack Obama might be buddies with Jimmy Fallon, but The Late Late Show host James Corden has made friends with First Lady Michelle Obama. The British comedian recruited Michelle Obama for the latest segment of “Carpool Karaoke.”

In the segment, which runs just over 14 minutes, Corden takes Michelle Obama around the White House grounds. That’s reminiscent of the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode with Jerry Seinfeld from last year, where the comedian was only allowed to drive Obama around the White House grounds. They were not allowed to go out into the streets of Washington, D.C.


The segment starts with Corden pretending that he’s been allowed to drive all the way up the White House gates to take a tour when Michelle Obama steps in. They then begin singing Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Words,” since Wonder is Michelle Obama’s favorite artist.

Michelle Obama said that she’ll miss the people at the White House that she saw every day when the Obamas leave. The clip also gives you an opportunity to see the First Lady sing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” Also, there’s a surprise guest who pops in at the end.

This was the first new “Carpool Karaoke” segment since the June 20 episode with singer Selena Gomez.




‘Entitled’ love rat, Lonnie Turner, posts Facebook message asking his wife and mistress to get along , else? Do the women have serious low self esteem?

With wife Tammy at home and a “jump off” outside, Lonnie claims he’s getting sick of the pair’s fighting, he would rather they got along and let him have both cakes and eat them, too!

Is this a case of ‘lust gone wild’,mere insensitivity or shameless self-promotion?

Lonnie ‘da player’ doesn’t care, one way or the other, the ladies should just deal with his infidelity


lonnie turner15.jpg

Lonnie Turner – shameless plugging

Lonnie Turner set off a media swirl when hposted a brazen message on his facebook wall. The love rat  posted a picture of his wife, in a business suit, alongside a snap of his “jump off”, posing in her bikini.

The married Turner added a message asking the two women in his life to set aside their obvious differences for the sake of HIS happiness. According to him he has worked very hard for what he;s got and deserved to be happy, which inludes having and ‘eating his two cakes’

lonnie turner3
Love rat’s Facebook posting set off social media storm as he rationalized his ‘fast and  loose’ ways
The ‘terrible’ post which  embarrassed both wife (left) and mistress (right)

The cheating husband posted a picture of his wife, in smart business gear, alongside a snap of his “side chick”, posing in a bikini on a beach. The narcissistic self-styled texan enterpreneur added the the jaw dropping message for his feuding wife and mistress: “These two better learn to get along.
“I work extremely hard, and I think I deserve to have everything my little heart desires. Why have a cake & can’t eat it??? I want multiple cakes!!”

The man and his luxury toys

The sleek operator also included the hashtags #Wife, #Chic, #BestOfBothWorlds alongside his status, which has attracted outrage and ridicule in the time since it was uploaded.
Whilst some viewers admired his honesty, others slammed selfish Lonnie, describing his controversial status as “beyond disrespectful.”
The onslaught of reactions range from outright condemnation to grudging repect for his brazen effontry or what one female commentator described as her ‘admiration for his honesty’.
One said: “I wonder how you would feel if your mother was treated like this,” prompting one woman to pile in and defend Lonnie’s post from the onslaught of fury it had caused.
The woman said: “I admire his honesty that’s all. At least he is honest – there are no secrets! If they choose to stay with him, is it really his fault?”

Disrespect... someone close to Lonnie shared their take on the whole series of events

While some commentators appear to be admiring his honesty, a post from an observer obviously close to the couple , suggests there may be more to the story than lust gone wild. However,  another commentator describes Lonnie’s  post as “humiliating” for the unlucky ladies involved, in this spectacle.
For Lonnie himself, nothing is amiss here. The married father  showed no remorse about the insensitive post.

NINTCHDBPICT000249285846Narcissism in large doses from the self absorbed family man
lonnie turner5Wow! Now that’s a serious god-complex as he tells the ladies to handle their business or shipou

In an extensive comment defending himself, he claimed he was entitled to juggle the two women, because “everyone can’t do what he does.”He commented: “I’ve chosen to deal with these two for the past couple years, but it seems to be becoming too challenging because of the hate they have for one another.
“As I stated earlier, they have choices. Both of them can make the choice to become ‘regular.’
” If either one of them leave the situation I’ve set forth, they will be fine. I’m simply stating what my desire is so they both will understand what is required.
“I’ve told them both privately. Now they should know I’m dead serious, and we have the entire world as witnesses.
“I’m not a regular guy. I have the ability to change lives. I’m also very generous. My wife had a great life before we ever got married because of the fact we had children.
“They both remember how life was before me. I’m sure they don’t want to go back to eating leftover taco meat and soup.”

lonnie turner16.pngLonnie believes the women are lucky to have him as his face book wall isplastered with images of a ‘high rolling’ life style


Irony:  Lonnie’s actions would  suggest otherwise from the slogan on his shirt
lonnie turner14.jpgSelf promotion: Lonnie flaunts the signs of success in the ‘business’ world

But another user was quick to remind love rat Lonnie that money can’t buy happiness, suggesting that he is a man with personal unresolved personal issues. She adds that happiness will continue to elude him unless he fixes those issues.


The ‘Colored Girl’ Campaign – Embracing The Beauty Of Blackness


Two women have come together to redeem beauty for black women through their self-love campaign ; “The Colored Girl Project”. In what is referred to as their freshman campaign, we see 10 black females of different castes, each selected via social media as a toast to Blackness and to showcase its beauty . Images were captured by Joey Rosado, causing us to see the Black Girl Royalty & Magic. Here’s the Freshman class of The Colored Girls :


Tori Elizabeth


Tori Elizabeth is the founder  of The colored girl project and she believes that Black Beauty deserves to be celebrated.

“I started the ‘The Colored Girl’ Project because I wanted to show the different aspects of beauty as it pertains to Black women. I wanted to highlight and celebrate our unique beauty: our eyes, our lips, our cheekbones. In choosing the models, I was looking for one girl in every shade of brown; I found 10 models on social media. I wanted women from different social and cultural backgrounds. I wanted women with angular eyes, women with freckles and fair skin and women with really rich, ebony skin. It’s so important to be proud of who we are and showcase the beauty of Blackness.”

Victory Jones


Victory Jones is the co-founder of The Colored Girl Project .

Being black is a privilege to her; “Being A Black woman is like walking Grace—there’s a beauty and a power in living in this skin.”

On Experiencing colorism, here’s what she had to say :  “Colorism is a strange phenomenon. It’s weird to be made to feel like you’re less than for something that you can’t help— it sucks. And, when it happens when you’re little it’s horrible because it scars you. You want to forget it, but it’s indelibly engrained in your brain even if you suppress it. It informs choices that you make in the future. I think I’m still overcoming experiences with colorism. You get to a point when you realize that who you are matters more than how you look., but there is still a strength that I have specifically because I live in this skin.”

Kalah Christina


Kalah is of the opinion that black women epitomize strength and endurance.

“What I love most about being a Black women is the strength that we exude. As Black women, we have had to overcome so many obstacles in multiple ways: through the industry, in relationships, and society in general—in this day and age, it’s such an empowering thing to be a Black woman.”

Yada D. Lamb


cgp10According to Yada, being a black woman is something of a revolution.

“I love that being able to state that ‘I am a Black Woman’ is a source of power in itself. Living in this skin and being able to say and identify with that statement breaks so many barriers and stereotypes set against Blacks and women as a whole. “

cgp9Malyia McNaughton


Malyia is a jewelry designer. Touching on colorism, she maintains that beauty is in more than just one shade and feels that black women are victims of false compliments.

“I don’t like back-handed compliments, those ‘you’re pretty for a brown girl’ statements. When someone tells me that I look like a ‘Black Barbie’ I often wonder what that means and then they’ll say something like ‘your features look European, but you’re a brown girl.’”

Christina Abiola


For Christina, it’s pretty straight-forward ; Black is Beautiful.

“When I was younger, being dark-skinned was shunned. Now, I think people are accepting and embracing the richness of dark skin. It’s so important to love the skin you’re in.”

Hilda Akua


Hilda is a United states immigrant from Ghana and currently holds the Miss Universe Pageant, Miss Ghana title. She  is all about the peculiarity of the inner strength Black women share.

“What I love the most about being a Black woman is that we have this inner strength that no one else has—I don’t know that other people could handle the things that we go through. Being a Black woman demands strength of us.”

She recounts experiences of colorism;”It’s really interesting to me that there’s such a disconnect between Africans and African-American’s. Being born in Ghana, I didn’t see a white person until I was five years old, but there are so many stereotypes that exist within our own race even though we favor each other visually. The way to overcome colorism is through education.” Akua states she had to learn herself and assess her experience stating, “there’s a difference between being Black in the United States and being Black abroad. Here, regardless of where you are from originally, if you [look brown,] you’re Black—we need to realize that we share that common threshold and identify our strength within it.”

Leineal Howard


Leineal likes to think of black women as a celebration of their ancestry.

“Growing up, my lips were always a source of ridicule. Since then, I’ve grown to appreciate my looks and love who I am. We come from so much, culturally— how we look is a celebration of that. “

Christina Bright


Bright is a popular Blogger and a mother. She is Black and Puerto-Rican. She loves the versatility of Black women and strongly advises that negativity not be internalized .

“I just love that I can get away with any style. I love that I have the ability and the permission to be a chameleon because I’m a Black woman.

She addresses colorism stating it’s often assumed that, “if you’re light, you’re privileged.” She recalls memories of family members who were darker than her holding this notion of privilege over her as young as the age of five. Bright explains, “It’s tough because you get [colorism] from both side— you get it from your family and people darker than you, but you also get it from people lighter than you. I was always stuck in the middle, and never fit in anywhere. Now, I’ve just learned not to internalize it.”

Monica Mateo


Monica is a 40 year-old Dominican. Unbelievable but true. This is why she insists that being Black is being able to defy all odds.

“I’m Dominican so colorism is apart of the culture because of colonization. Caribbeans—especially Caribbeans of color—experience it daily. Ultimately, however, we’re still so beautiful—our skin, our hair, we don’t age. I love that I’m 40 years old and no one believes me when I say that!”


Essentially, this campaign highlights the beauty of black women (in all shades) and urges them to celebrate the beauty of blackness.


credit blanckdigital/thecgirlinc

Naturalfabulousity: Nakyia Whitty, 27, beautiful bride, stunning wedding photos featuring her and her bridesmaids sporting voluminous natural hair – hair envy

…lovely afro, creative overdrive, fabulous

 #natural,  #naturalyfabulous

Nakyia Whitty, 27, of Houston, Texas, recently married her boyfriend of four years, Javonte Davis in a gorgeous beach wedding

She shared the photos on Instagram, featuring Nakyia and her bridesmaids’ glorious Afros 

A bride and her bridesmaids are taking over the internet with their stunningly natural bridal looks in a set of wedding photos being shared online.

Nakyia Whitty, 27, and Javonte Davis, 26, of Houston, Texas, were recently wed in a beautiful beach ceremony surrounded by their friends and family after four years together.


After the wedding, blushing bride Nakyia started sharing photos from the event on her Instagram page, where they swiftly went viral – all because of the ladies’ choice of hairstyle.

 …beautiful  bride beautiful wedding


Standing on the beach with their long dresses being whipped by the wind, Nakyia and her six bridesmaids are pictured in the images all sporting voluminous and free natural hair.

The photos include several of the ladies on the beach with the bridesmaids in flowing cream gowns as well as one with the ladies holding up the groom and more of the bride getting ready before standing at the altar.

In the captions for the images, Nakyia was sure to include the hashtag #Natural to put emphasis on her chosen style for herself and her ladies. She also explained how she ‘had a vision for my wedding’.

‘In the end I have to say everything exceeded what I could’ve imagined, and my expectations were pretty high might I add, I mean it is a special moment for us!

Happy days: The bride began her natural hair journey four years ago and intended to have her bridesmaids go natural too – even before she was engaged


‘Ultimately, I’m elated to have married my best friend with our family and friends surrounding us in the most beautiful way we could…. Our way.’

But the couple could not have had any idea that her photos would be shared by hundreds in days and gain thousands of likes on Nakyia’s account.

One image, showing the ladies lined up on the beach with the radiant Nakyia looking over her shoulder at the camera, has been liked nearly 5,000 times.

They have also received heaps of praise from social media users, with one writing: ‘You have inspired me to wear my natural hair out. That’s beautiful!’

…love the creativity expressed

Quite the event: The lucky lady apparently received plenty of help with research online from her husband-to-be to cultivate her natural look

Making waves: One user on Instagram said the ladies ‘inspired me to wear my natural hair out. That’s beautiful!’

The bride herself said that she began wearing her hair natural four years ago and long planned to have her whole wedding party do the same – even before she and her now-husband were engaged.

In fact, her husband was all sorts of help to Nakyia on her natural hair journey, going through research online with her to create the perfect look.

‘We learned my hair together,’  ‘Blessed to have that type of support. I don’t know how many YouTube tutorials a man can take, exactly, but he definitely exceeded maximum capacity.’

 ‘Wearing my natural hair signifies who I am as a black woman, who God created me to be. I love my natural tresses. I wasn’t always natural, but when I started this journey I began to appreciate and love what I was born with.

 4th graders help President Obama up at Yosemite National Park

With Yosemite Falls in the background, President Obama told an audience Saturday that climate change is already impacting America’s national parks.

“Make no mistake, climate change is no longer just a threat — it’s already a reality,” he said from a lectern near Sentinel Bridge in Yosemite National Park.

The first family’s trip to the nation’s fourth most-visited park – with about 4 million visitors a year – comes as the National Park Service is approaching its 100th anniversary in August. During the visit, the first by a president since John F. Kennedy’s in 1962, Obama urged Americans to visit the parks and called for increased action to preserve the nation’s wildlands for future generations.

Referring to a painting of Vernal Fall and Half Dome — two of Yosemite’s iconic features — that hangs in the West Wing of the White House, Obama said jokingly that the park “looks slightly better in person.”

After taking in the surroundings with his wife, Michelle, and daughters Sasha and Malia, the president said: “Just look at this scene. … You’ve got to come here and breathe it in yourself.”

He spoke in Yosemite after a visit to another of the National Park System’s 400-plus sites: Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.

Obama on Saturday pointed to some of the environmental gains made during his time in office, including protection of 265 million acres of public lands and waters, more than any previous administration. He also touted the establishment of new monuments, including one to labor leader Cesar Chavez in Kern County.

“We’ve designated new monuments and historic sites that better reflect the story of all our people,” Obama said.

Three Southern California sites were designated national monuments this year: Sand to Snow, Mojave Trails and Castle Mountains. Those areas, in Riverside and San Bernardino counties, have helped connect hundreds of miles of the region’s protected wildlands.

As a green meadow waved gently in the breeze behind him, Obama marveled at Yosemite’s natural beauty even as he warned of the imminent threats posed by climate change.

He pointed to the drying of Yosemite’s grasslands and the shrinking of its largest glacier, which once stretched a mile wide. He cited shifts in the historic bird ranges and said alpine mammals such as pikas had been forced farther up slopes to escape rising temperatures.

“Fires are raging across the west right now … all while it’s still really early in the season,” he said, pointing out blazes in California and several other states.

The future could be bleak for many sites in the national parks system, he said: “No more glaciers at Glacier National Park. No more Joshua trees at Joshua Tree National Park.”

Rising sea levels could threaten natural areas such as Everglades National Park in Florida, as well as such man-made icons as the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, he added.

Earlier in the day, in jeans and and rolled-up sleeves, Obama took photos with young visitors in Yosemite, chatting with them about the importance of the national parks. He highlighted the “Every Kid in a Park” program, which offers free passes to fourth-graders and their families for all federally managed lands and waters.

During his remarks, Obama recalled visiting Yellowstone National Park at 11 for the first time, awestruck by the sight of a moose in a lake, a field full of deer, a mother bear and her cub.

“That changes you,” he said. “You’re not the same after that. And I want to make sure every kid feels that.”

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